Alexis Ramirez’ Video Premiere Photos

Sk8Mafia runs deep in the San Diego area and along with DC Shoes they put on a skate jam at Shokus skatepark in Ocean Beach. A ton of homies showed up, HoDad’s Burgers were fired up on the grill, cold ones got drank and numerous best-trick contests went down. Right around sunset, everyone headed over to Culture Brewing Co in anticipation of seeing Alexis Ramirez’ new video part. The place was packed to the gils and his part blew everyone’s minds. Right after the credits rolled, Alexis was surprised with his first Sk8Mafia pro-model boards. Well deserved! –Rhino

1 750pxHeavy Sk8Mafia crew

2 750pxAndy and Lapdog hyping up the session

3 750pxYeah, Darrell Stanton was there!

4 750pxJimmy Astleford from DC and Ish Cepeda. Nice shirt, Jimmy!

5 750pxAce Pelka unearthed a Woolly Mammoth

6 750pxDan Connelly snags a burger from HoDad’s

7 750pxCruise Mosberg handling it the proper way

8 750pxKoby Dvorak, Jesse Silva, Braden Hoban and Alex Willms

9 750pxYou know the ladies showed up to shred

10 750pxJohn Gardner, boneless

11 750pxTommy Sandoval and The Govs

12 750pxAlexis casually back noseblunts

13 750pxToby Koala and Wes

14 750pxAlways good to have dogs on the session

15 750pxLefty with a casper stall…

16 750px…and taking the Muska approach to a new level

17 750pxBrenden took home a Sk8Mafia deck after winning one of the best-trick contests

18 750pxDenver transplant Myles Tussey, one of the best-trick winners

19 750pxMikey, huge lien to axle on the way in

20 750pxThen over to Culture Brewing Co

21 750pxAlexis with his lady Jennifer and some of his family

22 750pxJimmy Cao with his family and—yeah—that’s SD Legend Jason Carney of Slappy’s Garage

23 750pxClay Kreiner, Ace Pelka and his lady Nicole

24 750pxA seven-minute video part? WTF!

25 750pxEveryone was hoping tonight would be the night. Alexis is pro as fuck!

26 750pxChula Vista rippers represent—Tommy Sandoval and Alexis. Congrats on the pro status and the killer video part!
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