Am Scramble Interview: Vitória Mendonça


Vitória skipped out on Street League to get in the van, a good sign that this Brazilian powerhouse is in it for the long haul. She also took a major hit halfway through the trip, so we only saw a sliver of what she’s capable of. Vi brought a spark to the crew and we can’t wait to get back on the road with her.

Vitória closes out the intro with one of the hardest slams we've seen. Keep watching to see every solid clip she got

Hi, Vitória! What’s happening?
I’m back in LA for the Element video premiere. It should be fun.

Yeah, I’ll see you there. I wanted to talk about this trip. You hit your head pretty hard on the Scramble. Do you remember anything from the trip?
Yes, I remember the trip, I just don’t remember what happened when I took the slam, when I had the injury.

Is that your worst injury?
Yes. It’s maybe not the worst, because I had surgery on my ankle, but it’s the most scary.

Yeah, any time you hit your head is really scary. What do you remember from the incident?
I remember flashes. I remember Brian trying to help me. I remember you asking me questions like, Where are you now? Not much.

Victoria Mendonca DSC 6559 BURNETT DZ copyOur Elegant Lady of the Ledges, Vitória grinds to tailslide at Harvard

You kept telling me, “Sorry, Burnett,” over and over again, like 25 times. That’s when I knew we needed to take you to get checked out.
My friend Diego I was talking to in Brazil told me I was doing the same thing to him on the phone. He just told me that a couple weeks ago.

Scary! But are you okay now? Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah, everything’s okay. I can’t remember the trick or the spot.

Vitoria 50 50 750Going right before going wrong, 50-50 across the crusty culprit

Oh yeah? Well, you were trying kickflip front blunt to kickflip out and you landed on a few…
Ha! Come on! No way! I wish! I wish!

Nah, you got stuck on a grind and flew forward. I think you maybe hit your forehead on the ledge and then again on the ground. It was sketchy! But this means you have to get a redo on another Thrasher trip. You get a do-over.

Victoria Mendonca DSC 9917 BURNETT DZ copyNoooooo!!!

Did you know any of the other skaters on the trip beforehand?
Only Rob because I’d seen him on the cover. Not personally, though.

Did anyone surprise you by how they skated?
Yeah, Max and Noah. They have friendly faces and were skating so good.

They were always having fun.
Yes, always! I love it.

What about the Australians?
Kieran and Rob? They were strong! Strong and crazy guys!

Yep, kangaroo style.
Yeah, kangaroo style. I think they fight with the kangaroos.

Vitoria Mendona Tailslide Shove 750Front tail 270 shove on an iconic Boston block

What about Boston? Did you like Boston?
Yeah, I was talking to Phil from Element and told him we should go there. There are so many spots but not too many skaters. It’s really good. I love it. I want to go back and skate with those guys.

Since I didn’t know you yet, I was calling the Element guy and the adidas guy to invite you on the trip and they were telling me, “No, she has to go to Street League; she can’t do the trip.” And then I heard you told them you’d rather do the trip. Did you have to put your foot down?
I always prefer a trip! When they invited me to do Street League I was like, Yeah! I thought it was a good opportunity, you know? I like the Street League, but I don’t really like contests that much in general. I’d much prefer to be in the streets. We have a Street League contest coming up in Brazil so I will go to that one, for sure.

You’re pretty famous in Brazil, right?
Yeah. I think so, yeah.

DSC 9176
If you cut your hair will they still recognize you?
Maybe not! It’s my thing. The hair is my thing.

What about the big hoop earrings? Is it sketchy to skate with those?
Sometimes, but I like them, you know? That’s my thing, too!

Vitoria Mendonca manual seq BURNETT DZ copyManual labor, wheelie to crooks

After the Scramble you went to the Wheels of Fortune. How was that?
Amazing! I went on my first adidas trip, too, with all the girls—Nora and Maité. It was so fun! The people at the event—Unity and everyone, it was so sick.

Some people might say, “C’mon, we’re all skaters. We’re all the same and should skate together!” Why is it important to have events special for women and for LGBTQ skaters?
It’s different, you know? The vibe is different. There’s no one looking at us. There’s no one looking at us different. For women and for trans people, if you go to the skatepark, it’s different. It’s more dangerous, you know? For me, I’m lesbian, but I’m a girl. I’m femme. It’s different for other people.


Is it harder for LGBTQ skaters here or in Brazil?
In Brazil, I think. They have fought more here. We are starting to have more in Brazil, more space and voice. Here I think they have more people active and fighting in the United States.

What was the deal with Max and all those pole jams?
I don’t know! He loves it. He found pole jams everywhere. He found the most crazy and dangerous one!

What about Nick? Were you scared? I was scared.
At first, but he’s a good guy. And he can ollie so high.

The Scramble is often a step towards being a pro. Do you want to be a pro skater?
Yeah, I want that. I want to be able to help my mom. I’m helping out now, but I think I can do more to help my family when I’m pro.

What’s your five-year plan? What do you want to happen?
I want to be pro. I want to travel with and be on more trips with Thrasher and adidas and Element. I want to have a colorway for an adidas shoe! Big plans, you know!

What’s going to be your best memory from the Scramble?
I think when Max landed the trick. It was so fun, so exciting. It was a party on the stairs.

Victoria Mendonca DSC 9232 BURNETT DZ copyVitoría's hip game is en pointe—heelflip. See you in the streets, Vi! 
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