"Avidya" Photos

Avidya, brought to you by the VX technician Kevin Leeroy Madden, features the likes of Will Mazzari, Brian Reid, Brian Delaney, Nickodem Rudzinski, Dana Ericson and other fellow Bostonians. It showcases the past three years of these downtown-dwelling eggheads excursions in some of the oldest cities on the East Coast, up into Canada and even across the pond in the ol' UK, all while staying true to one of the most lively inner-city plaza spots, Eggs. Enjoy! Words & photos by Liam Annis

DSC 6617 copy 750pxBrian Delaney, ollie up to backside noseblunt

DSC 0905 copy 750pxNickodem Rudzinski, back Smith

DSC 0371 copy 750pxBrian Reid, frontside 360

DSC 3555 copy 750pxBrian Reid, kickflip in

DSC 2140 copy 750pxBrian Reid, frontside nosegrind 180

DSC 2699 copy 750pxWill Mazzari, backside blunt pop out

DSC 2747 copy 750pxWill Mazzari, backside 50-50 pop out

DSC 4076 copy 750pxNickodem Rudzinski, gap out switch crooks

DSC 0978 copy 750pxBrian Delaney, varial heel in

DSC 7347 copy 750pxBrian Reid, backside noseblunt

DSC 5661 copy 750pxWill Mazzari, bump-assisted backside 180

DSC 6079 copy 750pxWill Mazzari, fakie hardflip

DSC 1263 copy 750pxDana Ericson, switch flip

DSC 8086 copy 750pxDana Ericson, frontside noseslide

DSC 2869 copy 750pxBrian Reid, frontside 50-50

DSC 2642 copy 750pxNickodem Rudzinski, ollie
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