AYC's "Mile-High Conspiracy" Blog

AYC's Mile High Conspiracy Blog

The AYC cruised out to Denver for Go Skateboarding Day and stayed for a week. Figgy, Riley Hawk, Derrick Wilson, Blake Carpenter, and young gun Vinnie Nava. Nyjah flew out to skate for a day.  Here are some extra photos from the six days that we got to skate. Check the Mile High Conspiracy article in the October Issue. –Rhino

First stop was the 303 Board shop for Go Skateboarding Day

Vinnie back 50-50s the handrail on the skate to the Denver park with all the kids

Clint Walker and Shawn Hale showed up in the RV to hang out

Jesse Fritsch still got it, blunt fakie at the Arvada park

Riley Hawk goes Losi grind on the potato chip

Back out on the streets to this thing

Jaws was hurt on the trip, holding down the side lines

Ice cream man, yard sale, drug deal? All of the above

Nyjah flew in for 24 hours, warm up smith grind while Jaws waits for an Uber cab

Vinnie Nava, front blunt shove-it

Went through the spot book for big rails for Nyjah

If anyone needs a pin to this hit me up

Then over to the 20

Little Vinnie Nava stepped up and lip slide this beast

Back lip looking solid until he stuck halfway down, straight to back, wrist and Hall of Meat!

Over to Terrill’s backyard for a morning session, Blake gets blunted on the deck

Riley locked in back Smith

Meta Skate Shop in Boulder

Heavy crew at the Satellite Board Shop in Boulder

Pre shop signing warm ups

Riley warming up with a back Smith

Riley, 180 switch crooks shove-it

Derrick on that nollie heelflip

Figgy switch front board

Riley fans getting some autographs

Vinnie back Smith

Derrick frontside 180, #hucklife

Vinnie front board over looking the Mile HIGH City 

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