Big Boys Wheel-Release Party at Lizard DIY

A few weekends back, Cherries wheels (the first female-owned wheel company) hosted a skate party at Austin’s Lizard DIY to celebrate the release of their new Big Boys wheel—a tribute to the legendary Austin Skate Rock band. This community skate event summoned different generations of skaters and music enthusiast all in one ditch, with “family reunion” being the most overheard phrase of the day. Complete with contemporary Skate Rock from Black Mercy, the Pinky Rings performance, food from Moonowl and the chance to get first dibs on fresh Cherries merch, the party was fun, fun, fun for everyone. —Cattackular

bigboysparty 1Walking up we got some of ATX’s Ditch Witches on the welcoming committee. Jaime, Nicole and Madi letting you know you’re at the right spot     Photo: Jasmine Quiñones

bigboysparty 2Let's get straight to the skating. It wouldn’t be a Texas event without our favorite plant—Nicky G’s got ’em dialed     Photo: Steven Ruud

bigboysparty 3Madi stomps a backside D     Photo: Jasmine Quiñones

bigboysparty 4Big ol’ mute blast from Nick B     Photo: Chris Tarango

bigboysparty 5 copyKing of Carbs, Chris “Bagel” Barnebey shoves into a nosepic at the end of the ribbon ride     Photo: Jasmine Quiñones

GavinAustin beanplant photoChrisTarangoGavin Austin tosses up a mean back bean     Photo: Chris Tarango

bigboysparty 7Melissa Roetker grips it and rips it—BSA on the DIY QP     Photo: Chris Tarango

bigboysparty 8Alex “Weedboner” Bond is never not laid back     Photo: Chris Tarango

bigboysparty 9Cherries artist Carlos Truan slashes some beer-can coping with the subscription gear. He’s an amazing tattooist to boot!     Photo: Jasmine Quiñones

bigboysparty 10Front Smith with some added grabbage by Kira. Bonus points for the Big Boys T     Photo: Jasmine Quiñones

bigboysparty 11Looks like a front Smith, but it’s actually a back D to sugarcane. Jamie Sedo goes combo loco     Photo: Jasmine Quiñones

bigboysparty 12Shea A teeters on a tailblock     Photo: Chris Tarango

bigboysparty 13Eli Nichols is the biggest boy of all—invert to tail on a bootleg Zorlac deck. If you don’t know what that tattoo on his knee is, you’ve got some homework to do     Photo: Chris Tarango

bigboysparty 14The party proceeded from sunup to sundown     Photo: Jasmine Quiñones

bigboysparty 15Cherries owner Cattackular and team rider Madi cheesin’ for the press     Photo: Jasmine Quiñones

bigboysparty 16Got some babies? Bring ‘em along. That Adio shirt is 10/10    Photo: Cattackular

bigboysparty 17Ebone Zammoran slangin’ the fresh merch     Photo: Jasmine Quiñones

bigboysparty 18The energy was already off the charts, but things got extra sparked when Black Mercy took to the stage. We mean flatbottom     Photo: Bryan Nelson

bigboysparty 19More hardcore shows in ditches, please     Photo: Bryan Nelson

bigboysparty 20Counter-clockwise, the old-school way     Photo: Bryan Nelson

bigboysparty 21The Pinky Rings followed up with a killer set     Photo: Jasmine Quiñones

bigboysparty 22Lead singer Bella hyping up the already-insanely-hyped-up crowd     Photo: Bryan Nelson

Cherries BB packThe wheel that sparked the whole party. Support female-owned brands, support local skateboarding. Support your friends’ bands. Support skate events held in ditches and always remember to have fun, fun, fun!
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