"Bio in Ohio" Article

Bio in Ohio3 Intro 2 750pxThe crew can only watch and pray that Calhookey Ray lands this frontside air into the big catcher’s mitt. The deep end is terrifying. I slammed going up this wall—up it. Ray comes through with the strength of the Stone on the shirt and power in the ply

Bio in Ohio 1 750px
Bio in Ohio PQ 1 750px
Bio in Ohio 2 750pxMail Drop Book? Yes it is. Pete and Frank tag team an envelope for the ages. Looks like this? Fuckin' aye

Bio Text 1 750px
Bio in Ohio 3 750pxBio in Ohio 4 750pxDelfino’s got a Deathwish? As it turns out, we might have to change that to hang and die. Frontal invert from the deep to the 11 foot “shallow”

Bio in Ohio PQ 2 750PX
Bio Text 2 750px
Bio in Ohio 5 750pxPatlanta gots the frontslide on lock. Deep in it shit

Bio in Ohio 6 750px
Bio in Ohio 7 750pxWithout it finished, kinda hard to lipslide it. Couch gets it like that. Stone loves it

Bio in Ohio PQ 3 750px
Bio Text 3 750pxBio in Ohio 8 750px
Bio in Ohio 9 750pxRaney in blood. Kid’s from Texas so the ‘ol French Maid FS air is one of the most used tools in the box. If this tranny don’t scare you, you should join the army. Tuff skates indeed

Bio in Ohio 10 750pxLook up “frontside grind” in the dictionary and there should be a photo of Hewitt chainsaw grinding his way into history. You got that? November comes only once a year

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Bio in Ohio PQ 4 750px
Bio in Ohio 12 750px
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Bio in Ohio 14 750pxGrant does the craze lazy back D where he kinda bus stops on the edge and teeters it back in. Kinda like he’s fuckin with us. Hang this decker and we are going to Park City
Bio in Ohio 15 750pxA thousand years of gnarlitude

Bio in Ohio 16 750px

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