Blood Wizard's "Masters of Wizardry" Premiere Photos

Blood Wizard's "Masters of Wizardry" Premiere Photos

Blood Wizard premiered their latest video, Masters of Wizardry, at La Paloma theatre in Encinitas Friday night. It was a big night for Chris Gregson who not only had a full-part in the video but also filmed and edited the whole thing as well. All his hard work paid off though because not only did Chris get his name on a board but he also officially became something we all knew he was already, a full fledged wizard. Congrats Sunshine! –Ben Karpinski

Showed up early to catch Jerry putting up the finishing touches

Behind-the-scenes Wizards. Toad and Justin handling logistics

The star arrives. Quite the double header I might add

KR3W made shirts for the occasion

Shep Dogs everywhere

I mean everywhere

SD legends, Carlin and Aultz.

Then a wizard magically appeared on the balcony to summon everyone inside.

Squints sighting.

Jerry makes his entrance.

Then things took a turn for the weird.

They wanted Gregson and they wanted blood

Some sort of Blood Wizard cult ceremony.

Officially knighted…..

Professional! Then it was time for the video.

Heavy night for the Wizards, congrats guys.

Then theater turned the lights off on us and it was off to the Saloon.

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