Blood Wizard's "Tex-Mex" Trip

Photos and captions: Squid

Embarking under the sign of the Baphomet, we headed east to the realms of ditches and witches. As with all prior Blood Wizard trips, our beast of a van laid waste to the highway and endless 30-packs. Arizona, Texas and New Mexico pools and ditches fed our unearthly obsession for total devastation. Minds were lost, along with brain cells, as we went to demos and signings under a blistering fire in the sky. We were born for this suffering and thrive in anguish. A lot of this trip was blurry since drinking in excess brings comfort to weary soldiers of the road. Only one thing is certain: we are eternal servants to His name. —Jerry Gurney

Right when we got into New Mexico there was a huge thunderstorm with tornado warnings and hail, we just finished up skating the dirt jumps and right when we packed our things into the car it started pouring harder than I've ever seen.

Jerry Gurney, ally-oop boneless 360

Jack Given, backside lip over the stairs

Chris Gregson, frontside kickflip 

Product toss baby—The kids in El Paso were stoked!

Anakin Senn, slob plant across the door

Our friends at Crooks skateshop in El Paso took good care of us while we were in town.

The Wizards tent city stood tall all trip even during hurricane Dezort

Jack Given a sal-flip in the skull cap

The wizard summons Jerry to do noseblunts in the gladiator ditch

The team did a signing at a rad little spot called Haven skate shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jack and Jerry play a show for the kids at Crooks skate shop

Big bird ollie up a massive dirt euro gap in Albuquerque

Anakin Senn, 5-0 pull in at the hook

Signing at Crooks skateshop. El Paso, TX

Drew Dezort no comply tail at the famous Indian school ditch

Nothin unusual about running into the cops, although this guy was really cool about it.

Tweest being passed between Gregson and the wizard at our friend Palmers house in Albuquerque

Anakin Senn, backside Smith

Gregson, front blunt

Jerry Gurney, front board over the cake in Palmer's back yard

The kids in El Paso were juiced to meet the Wizards

Jack back nose pick at the Hell Bowl

Camping at the Hell Bowl in Tucson

This is right before we went to bed, Jerry Gurney slashes some cement while barefoot wearing two neck pillows, shirtless, hands pocketed in leather jacket and doing duck face.

Jack with a classic crail slide in a freshly cleaned out Tucson backyard pool

Anakin Senn fell into the grand canyon while we were checking it out, rather than helping him out I got this cool photo.

The wizard commanded the sky to open up and it began to snow in the Grand Canyon—thanks for the good times Wizards!

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