Bronze 56k x Zoo York's "Amber Alert" Article

Rizzocruising DZ 750px


By Peter Sidlauskas
Photos by Mike Heikkila

Roses are red,
Estrella cans are crushed,
Zoo York sent us to Barcelona for two weeks, it rained the whole time, the shower has no hot water and the toilet in the AirBNB won’t flush


Ron Deily macbapush DZ

In the two weeks we were in Barcelona I’d say we probably had six days to skate due to rain. Fortunately, there are many other things to do out there to stay entertained, like playing hours of Cee-lo, crying and looking at Minions' memes. Other activities included hanging out at Kino all day or partying with the Alltimers crew at the bar across the street from us. Luckily, I happened to catch a fever and spent a good portion of the trip on WebMD looking up symptoms for deadly diseases and constantly worrying if I had one or not. FTC Skateshop was a great place to chill at, too, and if you're wondering why they aren’t carrying the new Bronze56k shit, it's because they've been stuck in customs since January.

Maybe I’m sounding a bit negative, which I really have no right to be since most of the trip was paid for by Zoo York. So let's focus on the positive things, like Dick Rizzo switch bigspinning the Beso rail, Chachi not going to jail, and not being in the United States during the presidential inauguration. And you know what? After about a week of drinking Estrella it doesn’t seem that bad. Shout out to the whole crew for not killing each other, another shout out to our AirBNB host who never called the cops on us (even though he threatened to), and of course a major shoutout to Dustin Dollin. Keep your motherfucking head up!

Josh Wilson 5050 DZ 750pxJosh Wilson, 50-50 in fuckin' nature. Which reminds me, Habitat skateboards stopped following us on Instagram :(

Airbnbbalcony1 DZ 750pxRon and Adrian both wanted to jump off the AirBNB balcony but later decided that the two-story drop wasn’t enough to kill them

Chachi gratebsflip DZ 750pxFresh off the plane, Chachi backside flipped this grate

Adrian Vega fakieflip DZ 750pxWe found this rail that no one had ever skated before so Vega boosted a fake flip over it to set it off

JoshandRizzo DZ 750pxDick and Josh

Dick Rizzo swfrontbigspin DZ 750pxDick Rizzo, switch frontside bigspin at Beso

Rizzo Front Blunt GIFRizzo, front blunt shove into the bank

Robcruising DZ 750pxGonyon was here for six days. It rained for five of them. Little Estrella made everything better, though

ConnorRobpiss DZ 750pxTime to piss

Roblilbeerguy DZ 750pxSupport your local Estrella supplier

Adriancankickingbased DZ 750pxEstrella kinda tastes how the ground looks in this pic

Adrianpolice2Fuck 12

Connorticket DZ 750pxOne of many tickets that were never paid

Ronpassedout DZ 750pxRon Deily died twice on this trip

Ronpasedoutstrawsinhair DZ 750pxHe was supposed to be sober on this mission. Luckily, the weather stopped that from happening

Ronwakesup2 DZ 750pxRon Deily from New Jersey.

Rizzowallrideovermark DZ 750pxRizzo wallriding over Mark

CEELO1 DZ 750pxPlaying Cee-lo until 4am was mandatory

Kevinairbnb DZ 750pxIt's the Zoo York

Kevincleaning2 DZ 750pxKevin Tierney deadass wiped his ass with all that toilet paper and carried it around with him for the rest of the day. This trip really ruined our mental health

Kevin Tierney switch nosewallie DZ 750pxKevin, switch wallride fakie ollie out

Ron Deily kickflipfakie DZ 750pxIt was raining but that didn't stop Ron from getting this kickflip to fakie

Macbawet DZ 750pxThe forecast said 20 percent chance of rain, though

Chachi shoppingcartollie 750pxWe started to really miss skating bump to cans. Unfortunately, there were no garbage cans at this spot so Chachi paid some homeless guy to ollie over his shopping cart

Josh Wilson yellowbank ghettobird DZ 750pxHow the fuck do you take a photo of a ghetto bird? This could be a nollie 900 for all you know, but I wouldn’t lie to you. It’s Josh Wilson doing a ghetto bird

Chachi yellowbankheelflip DZ 750pxChachi, heelflip into the bank

MarkandRizzo DZ 750pxBite it, you scum

Chachi streetgapollie DZ 750pxChachi, street-gap ollie

Chachiportrait3 DZ 750pxChachi filmed more tricks in one day in Spain than he probably ever has in New York

macbanotskating DZ 750pxSitting at Macba desperately hoping to get robbed

Ronstreetpizza DZ 750pxThe rats in Barcelona are fuckin' huge! We found an enormous one munching on some pizza. Fuckin' gross

Joshsunset2 DZ 750pxOne day we came back to the AirBNB and found a note on the front door with a phone number on it addressed to “the hot skater guy.” We all thought it was meant for Josh, but apparently it was for the longboarder who was staying across the hall from us

Joshskatetool DZ 750pxJosh holding in a shit for dear life

Ron Deily bushthrowdown DZ 750pxRon about to throw down

Brendan Carroll switchollie 750pxBrendan Carroll, switch ollie. Thanks, Zoo York, Barcelona and Estrella

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