B Team Ramp Backyard Blast Photos

Over the weekend, some of the world's best transition skaters pumped some extra life into a backyard ramp in the heart of Vista. The B Team Ramp Backyard Blast was not only hosted by Mancha, but he also provided free food to everyone in attendance to fuel the good time. Before the jam, we thought the rain might put a stop to the celebration, but luckily Duncan’s thunderous voice on the mic kept the clouds at bay. Then Hosoi kept the fire lit from the sidelines while Sandro Dias put down a first-try gnar jar which left the ramp trembling. And despite opting out of skating the finals, Alex Perelson still managed to spin his way to first place with a series of jaw-dropping runs during qualifiers. After all these years, vert is still not dead! —Tim Aguilar

1 2000pxAll hands on deck, Gregson gets things set while also moonlighting for GoPro

2 2000pxArianna Carmona sparks the session with a press of the nose

3 2000pxSoaring above the competition, Bryce Wettstein forms a picture-perfect BSA

4 2000pxShe may be small but Ruby Lilley can dip a Smith and go upside down like an adult

5 2000pxAndy Mac gives a nod to Gregson by doing his staple frontside blunt

6 2000pxMr. Consistent flipped his board more than anyone else but this front wheel edger might have been the most impressive trick of the day

7 2000pxAndy Mac makes 'em take a step back

8 2000pxTricks of the trade with the best transition filmer out

9 2000pxSandro Dias flipping, grabbing and alley-ooping

10 2000pxClay Kreiner keeps it kid friendly

11 2000pxThat didn’t last long. What’s that in your hands, Clay?

12 2000pxAlways a safe bet, Andy Mac was there for the kids too—well, same kid

13 2000pxThe CDC says smoking this way helps prevents the spread of germs by 0%

14 2000pxDan “Booger” Brown upside down, showing some love to the other side of the ramp

15 2000pxAnd just like that, the Alex Perelson Show commences

16 2000pxBucky had to get in there as well by going switch frontside

17 2000pxThen after landing his second 900 of the day, Gui Khury gets caught dreaming of a 1080

18 2000pxClay levels one out and shows off that fresh Goya graphic

19 2000pxBucky with a switch Andrecht. Thought he wouldn't?

20 2000pxIf you have ever seen Moto skate, then you know what he’s doing here. Front-foot impossible grab

21 2000pxHosoi approves

22 2000pxAnd that's gonna be time! Wrapping things up, we first announce the niños...

23 2000pxMancha congratulates Bryce on taking the number one spot

24 2000pxAll the girls killed it out there as well. Ruby Lilley, Bryce Wettstein and Arianna Carmona gather up the prize product

25 2000pxDuncan double-checking the points

26 2000pxGentry flashing his loot. Let’s hope he buys another skateboard car

27 2000pxHosoi captures all—Dad cam style of course

28 2000pxSandro Dias takes the Masters trophy

29 2000pxAcai in hand, Bucky gets low with Hosoi

30 2000pxT Mag and Booger still doing it big

31 2000pxAP, the man of the hour, was late to the big ceremony. What’s that in your hand Alex? Just holding it for Clay? Yeah, sure

32 2000pxPerelson, your favorite vert skaters favorite vert skater

33 2000pxModesty always wins. Thank you, Alex, and every other person who made this contest happen

Thanks again to Mancha, Gator Skins and all the sponsors that also helped put this event together. Till next time!
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