Burnout: Saturdaze

The stars came out for the LA premier of “Saturdays,” Birdhouse’s first full-length video in ten years. Bros, babes, the Bird, proud parents and Clive Dixon turned pro! Where were you?!

 Burnout_saturdays_001.jpgDinner with team Thrash. Just ‘cause he’s hellbent for fitness don’t mean Ewan can’t toss back a cheeky IPA once and again


Burnout_saturdays_002.jpg Frank gets the cupcake treatment

Burnout_saturdays_003.jpgHappy birthday, buddy!


Burnout_saturdays_004.jpgWelcome to the club. The sorry, terrible club...


Burnout_saturdays_005.jpgJerome always has the connects


Burnout_saturdays_006.jpgSweet Sal and Kurumi


Burnout_saturdays_007.jpgTitans of team management – Hartman and Pink


Burnout_saturdays_008.jpgDownstairs, a Weiss ’n’ Rune table for two


Burnout_saturdays_009.jpgOut onto the streets. Crowd building


Burnout_saturdays_010.jpgAnd then … a star sighting!




Burnout_saturdays_012.jpgThe Loys kick off the group photos


Burnout_saturdays_013.jpg Thrasher Dan in a rare shirted moment with the good homie Tin


Burnout_saturdays_014.jpgThe Clive Dixons, simply stunning with a sort of pirate-lite look going on


Burnout_saturdays_015.jpgAll the good Florida fools, too!


Burnout_saturdays_016.jpg‘Well I bet Clint’s got first part …’


Burnout_saturdays_017.jpgEast Siders, Wimer and Yüng Salk


Burnout_saturdays_018.jpgThe secret glue behind the scenes – Miki Vuckovich


Burnout_saturdays_019.jpgNyjah and crew, too dope!


Burnout_saturdays_020.jpgVince and The Mez


Burnout_saturdays_021.jpgAlways turning into a tickle fight with these two


Burnout_saturdays_022.jpgWe Are Blood, Questionable and Penal Code


Burnout_saturdays_023.jpgThe Clint Walkers!


Burnout_saturdays_024.jpgLil’ Ben flew in


Burnout_saturdays_025.jpgAnd boy are his arms tired


Burnout_saturdays_026.jpgSo patient, so lovely


Burnout_saturdays_027.jpgHis feet barely touched the ground all night


Burnout_saturdays_028.jpgThat Hackett shirt tho...


Burnout_saturdays_029.jpgBuddy Bleckley made it!


Burnout_saturdays_030.jpgAnd the Hernandezes!


Burnout_saturdays_031.jpgIt was all a dream


Burnout_saturdays_032.jpgFinally got in – straight to a meet n greet with the Hales! Congrats, Shawn!


Burnout_saturdays_033.jpgThe K Walkses, always stunning


Burnout_saturdays_034.jpgOklahomies, on one!


Burnout_saturdays_035.jpgMasterlensman T Vaughan made the trek out


Burnout_saturdays_036.jpgHere we go! First Jason Hernandez sighting


Burnout_saturdays_037.jpgI know! I can’t believe Ewan works for us either!


Burnout_saturdays_038.jpgBig brothers, Rick and Dave


Burnout_saturdays_039.jpgSkateboarding’s power couple, Axel and Lizzie. Congrats, Elizabeth!


Burnout_saturdays_040.jpgI love your friends, too!




Burnout_saturdays_042.jpgThe AZ crew!


Burnout_saturdays_043.jpgMark Mothersbaugh and the Bird


Burnout_saturdays_044.jpgThere we go


Burnout_saturdays_045.jpgAdam Mills and Jason made this one together. Teamwork = dreamwork


Burnout_saturdays_046.jpgLet ‘em in, they’re Hosois!


Burnout_saturdays_047.jpgBig Duff, doubled up in the john


Burnout_saturdays_048.jpgAnd then … into the theater


Burnout_saturdays_049.jpgWorking the aisles. Everyone was there! The A Stones!


Burnout_saturdays_050.jpgBig E, the Zeuners and Tyler backing ‘em up!


Burnout_saturdays_051.jpgThe injured!


Burnout_saturdays_052.jpgEmily and Trevar Cushing from KOTR!


Burnout_saturdays_053.jpgMasterlensperson Zorah Olivia, reppin’ hard!


Burnout_saturdays_054.jpgThis crew!


Burnout_saturdays_055.jpgBaker fans!


Burnout_saturdays_056.jpgAnt Travis, the meat in a Duff/babewich!


Burnout_saturdays_057.jpg The Double Ds!


Burnout_saturdays_058.jpgMeech’s crew!


Burnout_saturdays_059.jpgThere we go!


Burnout_saturdays_060.jpgThis is how Shep Dawgz watch premiers!


Burnout_saturdays_061.jpgThese bros!


Burnout_saturdays_062.jpgEven some skeptics. Don’t worry, it’ll be good


Burnout_saturdays_063.jpgBod and that old vert ‘tude


Burnout_saturdays_064.jpgThanks for coming!


Burnout_saturdays_065.jpgWilly, momentarily stunned.


Burnout_saturdays_066.jpgThere we go!


Burnout_saturdays_067.jpgThe Josh Bordenses! Nice to see you guys!


Burnout_saturdays_068.jpgShit! It’s starting!


Burnout_saturdays_069.jpgTony Hawk is one of the most eloquent speakers in all of skateboarding


Burnout_saturdays_070.jpgSeriously, he could give a TED talk at the drop of a hat. Eloquence on command


Burnout_saturdays_071.jpgAnd then the boards came out...


Burnout_saturdays_072.jpgHaha! Congrats, Clive!


Burnout_saturdays_073.jpgThese moments are always fun


Burnout_saturdays_074.jpgEven if getting the exact photo of triumph can be challenging


Burnout_saturdays_075.jpgHippie vs Gator graphic. Salk is stoked!


Burnout_saturdays_076.jpgGetting closer to the money shot. May have to do


Burnout_saturdays_077.jpgThis photo’s funny


Burnout_saturdays_078.jpgSo’s this one


Burnout_saturdays_079.jpgAnyway, everyone was stoked


Burnout_saturdays_080.jpgWell deserved


Burnout_saturdays_081.jpgThis would’ve been it except for that face Ben is making. Next time!


Burnout_saturdays_082.jpgThen Clint gave his own speech


Burnout_saturdays_083.jpgHugs from the folks


Burnout_saturdays_084.jpgAnd a spank from the bros. Then the movie started!


Burnout_saturdays_085.jpgLater …. Holy shit! Pandemonium!


Burnout_saturdays_086.jpgIt really is amazing! Seriously, you’re gonna love it!


Burnout_saturdays_087.jpgLoy knows what time it is!


Burnout_saturdays_088.jpgJake’s face, that’s how we all felt


Burnout_saturdays_089.jpgOr at least, I wish I felt like that!


Burnout_saturdays_090.jpgGet there while you can...


Burnout_saturdays_091.jpgOh yeah


Burnout_saturdays_092.jpgSo good when it hits your lips!


Burnout_saturdays_093.jpgStunned premier goers. Rodent and Dashawn were trippin’


Burnout_saturdays_094.jpg We all were!


Burnout_saturdays_095.jpgBackyard Bandit approved


Burnout_saturdays_096.jpgShimizu and Ortiz embrace the auteur. Nice one, Jase!


Burnout_saturdays_097.jpgThe kids loved it


Burnout_saturdays_098.jpgLotta love going around, truth be told


Burnout_saturdays_099.jpgWhen did babes start coming to video premiers?


Burnout_saturdays_100.jpgNot that I’m complaining. You two!


Burnout_saturdays_101.jpgSultry, big city types ...




Burnout_saturdays_103.jpg As well as girls next door


Burnout_saturdays_104.jpgNot to mention top sheboarders!


Burnout_saturdays_105.jpgIf this ain’t trouble, it’ll do ’til it gets here


Burnout_saturdays_106.jpgThe crush around Armanto




Burnout_saturdays_108.jpgTave’s crew’s backing it


Burnout_saturdays_109.jpg You going to Black, Brownie?


Burnout_saturdays_110.jpgDee and Doughnut’ll be there


Burnout_saturdays_111.jpgBetter recognize


Burnout_saturdays_112.jpgMasters of air! Congrats, Jaws!


Burnout_saturdays_113.jpgAnt, gettin’ antsy. After party calling


Burnout_saturdays_114.jpg‘Uber or Lyft? Which one’s racist again?’


Burnout_saturdays_115.jpgAnd then the night moves began and I drove my ass back to Cardiff. Congrats Birdhousers! Really amazing! Can't wait to see it again!

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