Can you play? Krooked Visits NOLA

kr humidity igsquare DZ 750pxI don’t think Bobby could've done this any better. The ride away was everything you could hope for. Gap to backside wallride

By Bram De Martelaere
Photos by Andrew James Peters

“The best musicians know Jazz isn't about ‘schools’ at all. There's only one school, the school of 'Can you play?’” —Wynton Marsalis

In the same way that Jazz is democracy in music, skateboarding is the great equalizer. It does not matter who you are, where you’re from or what your background is. It’s the old shut up and skate ethos.—ll that matters is that you give it your all. When you’re trying a trick, when you’re on the board, we’re all equal. Skateboarding will make us all feel on top of the world and will check our egos real quick, all the same. The skate scene is NOLA is small and tight-knit. People help each other out, have each other’s back and there is a great sense of pride and respect for one another in this community. When Brian Anderson moved there some-odd years ago, Philly Santosuosso—owner of Humidity Skate shop—and him became friends real quick, skating all the crusty spots in the city as well as Hammond Park about 40 minutes outside of town. When the Krooked X Humidity board came about it only made sense for Brian to do the artwork. Just as Jazz birthed in New Orleans and spread out all over the world, we came from every corner of the globe together in the Big Easy to skate, chill and eat some po’ boys.

KrookedNOLA2 DZ 750pxSome spots in New Orleans require a sophisticated game of cat and mouse with local security

KrookedNOLA3 DZ 750pxPhilly and Bobby

KrookedNOLA4 DZ 750pxPhilly Santosuosso is such skate rat—hyped to take us to and skate every single spot. He has the energy of four people. Smith grind

KrookedNOLA5 DZ 750pxConstruction workers at this site actually offered up additional angle iron to make the spot a bit more stable. Southern hospitality at its finest

KrookedNOLA6 DZ 750pxBrian Anderson, styled out back Smith

KrookedNOLA7 DZ 750pxLadies and Gentlemen, Mr. Brian Anderson

KrookedNOLA8 DZ 750pxSimon Jensen—you’ll see more of him soon

KrookedNOLA9 DZ 750pxOn this day we truly witnessed some New Orleans humidity. It was a multiple-t-shirts type of situation and apparently the locals thought it was pretty mellow. Simon Jensen, backside flip

KrookedNOLA10 DZ 750pxThis house spot was a block away from our place. It featured an old moldy porch, a bunch of barbed wire (to keep people like Bobby from ollieing the gap) and a wasp’s nest to boot

KrookedNOLA11 DZ 750pxSupport your local skateshop

KrookedNOLA12 DZ 750pxThis spot is completely made up out of butter bench™. Philly, backside tailsliding very, very far with a little help from Brian

KrookedNOLA13 DZ 750pxSimon Jensen stretching his legs

KrookedNOLA14 DZ 750pxBobby and Simon at New Orleans’ prime plaza spot

KrookedNOLA15 DZ 750pxSimon Jensen skidding through a switch back tail

KrookedNOLA16 DZ 750pxBobby Worrest switch back lipping in downtown New Orleans on our last night. Thanks for the hospitality, NOLA and Humidity!

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