Chicken's Bowl Sesh Photos

With some of the best bowl skaters in the world lurking around Huntington Beach this week, Red Bull hosted a jam at Chicken’s backyard bowl. The session was streaming live, the energy drinks were flowing and Thrasher was on hand to shoot some photos. —Joe Hammeke

01Chicken has one of the most extensive board collections in existence

02Here he shows Tom Curran one of the first scooters ever made

03There it is—Chicken’s pool, since '91

04Right away Mike Rogers comes through with the front rock

05Ffej is about to turn 50 but he still gets upside down. Age is meaningless

06“Hey, it’s sugar free"

07Alex Sorgente fires up a back Smiths through the corner

08Chris Russell, frontside invert with his hand over the deathbox

09Next up, a feeble grind along the roundwall

10Robin Bolian placed 2nd at the last VDI stop. Here he is boosting a huge Madonna for the love, not the judges

11Nora Vasconcellos with her fave, kickflip back D

12Dune with the hard hitting questions: “So who’s your favorite skater?”

13“Um, I’m kinda into this boy named Daniel Vargas”

14Sandro showed up for a few grinds

15Then Alex Sorgente did a half cab blunt fakie in the deathbox.

16Bo Mitchell was there, keeping Richie Valdez company while he filmed the live webcast

17Brazil was in the house. Or at least outside the house

18Heimana Reynolds showed up and brought an eggplant with him

19Joey Brezinski, “fired-up” the grill

20Chris Russell on the sidewall with a slob fastplant

21Murilo Peres was charging hard all evening, hauling ass over the many blocks of coping

22Ryan Decenzo lives so damn close he probably could have skated over. FSA

23Sorgente gave it one last pump of gas and pulled this kickflip indy and the session was a wrap
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