Corey Glick’s Pro Surprise

Corey Glick turned pro for Foundation Skateboards at Active Long Beach the other day. It was disguised as a team signing/newlywed gifting for Aidan Campbell and Cole Wilson. If you’ve been keeping up with Corey, you know he’s been smashing things up on King of the Road and his pro model is well deserved. Congrats, Corey!

P.S. Watch out for Foundation’s new flick, Souvenir, coming very soon! —Morgan Rindengan

1 750pxA Coors-filled ice chest for the bros. “Hey, can Aidan and I have a beer?” “of Coors you can!”

2 750pxThe Ⓕ team with a pre-stache Glick

3 750pxHand-drawn Foundation logo on the sandwich board. Very good job!

4 750pxFoundation filmer extraordinaire Don Luong doing some KOTR reminiscing with Nick Merlino

5 750pxSinclair planning the surprise attack with the Glicks

6 750pxJoey Ragali and the oblivious Corey Glick arrive

7 750pxSinclair’s always Hot-N-Ready

8 750pxPost-signing pizza session

9 750pxChad Tim Tim showed up with the fam in support

10 750px“Hey, aren’t you on TV?”

11 750pxWalter was in attendance. Gotta love that dog!

12 750pxA memory this kid will never forget! Cole Wilson creepin’ up behind

13 750pxHere’s the moment when Corey realized what was going on

14 750pxHugs from his dad, mom and sister

15 750pxIt’s official! Corey Glick is proooo!

16 750pxWell deserved; enough said

17 750px“Now, about that new Foundation video…”

18 750pxStoked-out fans

19 750pxShop manager Andy Boggs got a signed FOSKCO KOTR deck for the shop

20 750pxThis dude won a box of free gear for the best gift given to the newlyweds

21 750pxMike, always keeping Nick in check

22 750pxCorey Glick and his first of many pro boards, no doubt

23 750pxThe Glicks! They came all the way out from Illinois

24 750pxAnd don’t forget about the newlyweds! More gifts from their registry

25 750pxCole and Aidan forevs!

26 750pxNow—where’s the after party at?! Congrats again, Corey!
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