Dakota Servold's Shoe Release Party and Premiere Photos

The best mustache in the game draws locals and legends to check his new Emerica offerings. Peep the scene as Leo Romero’s Travesura rocks the house. Congrats, Dakota!

Photos by Kyle Seidler

002SeidlerL1047350 2000Skull Candy in Costa Mesa not only hosted this thing, but they even turned on the brand-appropriate ambiance. Casual Fridays rule

001SeidlerL1047349 2000First sight of the night, we got friends from AZ Brandon Garrity and Cody Long. Hope he’s shooting that magic ISO 128000 film in that cowboy camera

004SeidlerL1047353 2000Oh, hello there, April ‘24 issue. Dakota’s also got a killer feature in this one, but you already know that, dear subscriber

005SeidlerL1047355 2000Dakota’s fellow road dog Leo Romero has somethin’ sweet in store. Or this is just where he keeps his shit

006SeidlerL1047356 2000Biggest mustache in the building

007SeidlerL1047357 2000Damn, we got a posse…and some solid product posters

009SeidlerL1047359 2000What made you think South Carolina’s Jaime Owens wasn’t a Mets fan?

010SeidlerL1047360 2000A Super Co bro, fellow man of the mustache and what we assume is good company all came to witness the hammers

011SeidlerL1047361 2000Costa Mesa skate event?! You know Bublitz is gonna check it. Actually he probably misses a few, what with the baby and all

012SeidlerL1047363 2000Part skate shoe, part chiller, hell, it worked for Stefan

013SeidlerL1047368 2000Smile if you’ve clocked some miles in the Yeto van. Tim Aguilar and Jeremy Leabres know it well

014SeidlerL1047378 2000Oh yeah, he uses that axe! Leo’s band Travesura puts on a hell of a show

017SeidlerL1047387 2000As classic as the E Major chord

018SeidlerL1047398 2000The stance of a seasoned professional

019SeidlerL1047402 2000Shout out Drink Weird with the BGPs

022SeidlerL1047406 2000More Tum Yeto bros! Lensman Don Luong and Aidan Campbell braved the 30-minute drive over

023SeidlerL1047407 2000What about the Emerica fam? Yeah, they made it—starting with Jon and Tyler

024SeidlerL1047409 2000Then with more in-house and out-street personnel, we got Michael, Don and Figgy

035SeidlerL1047438 2000Justin Regan and Jeff Henderson know a thing or about putting these nights together

036SeidlerL1047439 2000Bringing company is essential

025SeidlerL1047414 2000Bronzed baby shoes? Nah, this grown-up shoe stays gold

026SeidlerL1047421 2000Well deserved! Now let’s watch the thing that got him that hardware

027SeidlerL1047423 2000Looks good in green too

028SeidlerL1047427 2000Student and master? Mentee and mentor? Maybe just good ol’ boys that hit the road?

029SeidlerL1047429 2000Either way, Braden gives the man his flowers

030SeidlerL1047431 2000Always on the event beat, Dylan Christopher from the mag knows how to project a thing

031SeidlerL1047433 2000God of the edit bay Jon Miner links up with his longtime collaborator Spanky

032SeidlerL1047435 2000“I never thought this night would ever be, this close to me”

033SeidlerL1047436 2000Well done, you two!

034SeidlerL1047437 2000And you two! Damn, we had heavy crowd tonight. Always good to see the scene show up for the ones that put in the work and, holy shit, did Dakota do exactly that. Give him a honk when you see him in the driver’s seat
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