Danny Way vs The Great Wall 10 Years Later

Ten years ago today, July 9th, 2005, Danny Way jumped the Great Wall of China. I got invited and needless to say I went. The thing was massive. Most of the DC heads were there: Colin, Dyrdek, Ellis (beat me for 100 bones on a pivot fakie). Friday night Danny told me he just wanted to get it over with. He climbed 57 stairs and just went for it. He got the wobbs and got rinsed. I thought it was over. They took him away in an ambulance and I thought he was going home. Seeing as how the ramp cost 5-million dollars, Saturday dawned and he was there. I couldn’t believe it. After a quick wheel change and some Cortisone, he stood on the brink of eternity. He jumped the wall but couldn’t make the 38-foot quarterpipe. It was one of the gnarliest things I’ve ever seen. Danny is a terminator. The whole country had a mandatory work stoppage so everyone could see it. He invented it and he did it. If you ever see him, look into his eyes. He doesn’t play. Wow, ten years, real shit. –Jake Phelps

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Plenty to think about. Photo: Blabac

They built it to keep out the Mongols. Photo: Blabac

Photo: Blabac

Insane logistics with the ramp crew. Photo: Blabac

Photo: Blabac

Sentry view. Photo: Blabac

Local roughnecks. Photo: Blabac

Two hours early?!

Backstage... Photo: Blabac

Tools of the trade Photo: Blabac

And she's buying a stairway to Heaven... Photo: Phelps

Photo: Blabac

Phelper and Big Rob  Photo: Blabac

Phelps flatbottom cam Photo: Phelps

They engraved his name on the wall for all eternity  Photo: Ogden

Only birds were born to fly, but that’d never stop Danny Way from trying. Backside flip at 30mph from 55-feet to flat. Pull the rip cord… Photo: Ogden

Photo: Ogden

Photo: Ogden

Photo: Ogden

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