DC Shoes' "Street Sweeper" Premiere Photos

On Friday, attendees pulled up to the historic Max Fish bar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan from all over the East Coast to get their first look at the new DC video Street Sweeper and to check out John Shanahan's new colorway. Things were rolling along nicely, the place filled all the way up to capacity when the video started and by the end it had everyone’s mind blown. —Mike Heikkila

1 750pxJohn Shanahan and Vintage Sponsor teamed up to do a pop-up at Labor skateshop featuring a handful of their custom and throwback apparel.

2 750pxJohn Gardner snooping around for something his size

3 750pxJames from Labor had everything looking good. Good enough to buy a bright orange Aesthetic shirt

4 750pxShanahan showing off his new colorway of the E. Tribeka shoe

5 750pxGotta get some flatground in outside the skateshop. Gardner, full-speed powerslide into traffic

6 750pxThere were tickets to get yourself a free slice and a beer from Scarr’s Pizza across the street during the pop-up

7 750pxLove Park's finest Brian Panebianco and Kevin Bilyeu arrive at the bar

8 750pxNew York, Philly and Montreal collide!

9 750pxNew Jersey heads in the house—Ron Deily, Steve Mastorelli and Doogie

10 750pxThe new Shanahan collection on display atop the sweeping woman statue

11 750pxJosh Wilson taking advantage of the open bar

12 750pxEdward Brackmin and Alex Papke here to take embarrassing photos of you

13 750pxThe Supreme pinball machine was constantly entertaining somebody

14 750pxAlex Raspa with Jenkem founder, Ian Michna

15 750pxBill Mcfeely and Nick Ferro ready to see this Shanahan footage

16 750pxMore NY pizza of course. James Juckett serves 'em up

17 750pxEveryone piled in real quick to get this thing going

18 750pxAt capacity!

19 750pxLegends: Ron Deily, Spencer Fujimoto and Jaime Reyes

20 750pxVladdy, elusive leader of the Public Housing Skate Team

21 750pxJerry Mraz posted up with Skate Jawn’s Marcus and Noah

22 750pxShoutout Eric Fischer and Jeff Brown for making the premiere run smoothly

23 750pxPapke, Corey Glick, Brett Weinstein and Matt Schleyer roasted each other all night

24 750pxOG God RB Umali and Bogdan been holding Max Fish down for years

25 750pxMarc Razo poured 'em up with style all night

26 750pxStars of the flick, the Johns: Gardner and Shanahan

27 750pxJake Baldini, Lil Nice Girl and Josh Wilson keep the party goin' in the downstairs

28 750pxDick Rizzo and Paulgarr out here supporting the homies.

29 750pxQuasi filmer Paul Young always doubles down

30 750pxShanahan and his girl Kayla

31 750pxJahmir Brown and Quel Haddox cruised up from Philly

32 750pxGood ratio

33 750pxPopping off outside just as much as inside. Such was a great night. Thanks to DC and Max Fish for making it happen
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