Death Match 2019 Austin Photos

The ultimate Rock, Rap and Radical roadshow returned to Austin, Texas for three days of Thrasher-style fun. Despite some sad news, the spirit of stoke prevailed.


Photos by Michael Burnett, Atiba Jefferson, Jordan Joseffer and Frank Mare

dethmatch 000 750pxKicking it off with a Texas plant. Mad suitable.

dethmatch 001 750pxThis ain’t Cedric’s first Match. Nah.

dethmatch 002 750pxThe OTHER Merlino, stepping out on a boneless one

dethmatch 003 750pxThe Muscle™ – practically a Death Match institution.

dethmatch 004 750pxRoman P, back tail shove

dethmatch 005 750pxGary started handing out the cash early, sometimes before a dude had even finished his run

dethmatch 006 750pxLocal boy done good. Raney, stalling a Smith

dethmatch 007 750pxSpeaking of Lone Stars and what not …

dethmatch 008 750pxAnonymous T plant

dethmatch 009 750pxAin’t nothin like fuckin’ air time

dethmatch 010 750pxAnd … adios Amigos!
Skeleton 750pxAustin's own Skeleton

Chastity 750pxChastity

CreepingDeath 750pxCreeping Death

NarrowHead 750pxNarrow Head

krimewatch 750pxKrimewatch from NYC

pit 750px
dethmatch 011 750pxUgly Mane, handsome Ako, celebrity Blake and shy Malto

dethmatch 012 750pxFinally, some beautiful people! Janae and Dylan, sunkist AF

dethmatch 013 750pxTop porch view

dethmatch 014 750pxAhhh

dethmatch 015 750pxMeanwhile, can’t keep the street dogs off it

dethmatch 016 750pxImpromptu flatground

dethmatch 017 750pxDon’t worry. Diego loves it

candy 750pxCandy

fury 750pxFury

xibalba 750pxXibalba

Midnight 750pxMidnight

dethmatch 018 750pxSome stirring at the stage

dethmatch 020 750pxCross em out

dethmatch 021 750pxYOT, today!

dethmatch 022 750pxIncredibly fit

dethmatch 023 750pxRay and Chuck with the Youth

dethmatch 024 750pxHard Core royalty

dethmatch 025 750pxBring your baby, if you got one. Heck of a day 1


dethmatch 026 750pxThe sadness swept us into day 2. 

dethmatch 027 750pxGave the ramp a fresh paint job for Jake

dethmatch 028 750pxA numb sort of feeling

dethmatch 029 750pxHeavy fuckin shit

dethmatch 030 750pxEven the handsome suffer

dethmatch 031 750pxMost solemn ramp jam I’ve ever attended

dethmatch 032 750pxDamn

dethmatch 033 750pxWell, guess it’s time to start this thing

dethmatch 034 750pxGary and Lui got em revved

dethmatch 035 750pxStraight into an explosive session – kicked off Hassan style!

dethmatch 036 750pxAll the bros went straight into high gear

dethmatch 037 750pxFranky, up on an arm

dethmatch 038 750pxMuscle, poking it out

dethmatch 039 750pxHassan got bodied second run. You know Jake always loved a good slam

dethmatch 040 750pxBut would not be vanquished!

dethmatch 041 750pxBorden, to board

dethmatch 042 750pxCurren, sailing

dethmatch 043 750pxYuto’s roll in comes after a backside noseblunt revert

dethmatch 044 750pxWooten!

dethmatch 045 750pxThis was the accidental doubles with Roman. Never even saw it coming!

dethmatch 046 7509pxTha wing

dethmatch 047 750pxCedric, to disaster

dethmatch 048 750pxBig boy shit

dethmatch 049 750pxRoman, planting fast

dethmatch 050 750pxKamikaze feebs

dethmatch 051 750pxJake gets told to breath while comeback kid Ronnie cruises by

dethmatch 052 750pxBoom!

dethmatch 053 750pxLet the hippie fly

dethmatch 054 750pxEgg revert and that's TIME!

dethmatch 055 750pxThe sessions went on all day

dethmatch 056 750pxThe Austin skate scene is one of the strongest in America

dethmatch 057 750pxThis was hip-hop day, you’ll be pleased to hear

Cantrell 750pxCantrell

dentata 750pxDana Dentata

KariFaux 750pxKari Faux

dethmatch 058 750pxLui gets beach balled during Nak’s set

dethmatch 059 750pxDefinite crowd fave

dethmatch 060 750pxOh yeah!

dethmatch 061 750pxTime to get out and meet the kids

dethmatch 062 750pxEveryone was there

dethmatch 063 750px
dethmatch 064 750pxCongrats on the part again, Nathan

dethmatch 065 750pxBall is life

dethmatch 066 750pxSee

dethmatch 067 750px
dethmatch 068 750px
dethmatch 069 750px
dethmatch 070 750px
dethmatch 071 750pxGuru and his incense

dethmatch 072 750px
dethmatch 073 750px
dethmatch 074 750px
dethmatch 075 750pxAssed out

dethmatch 076 750px
dethmatch 077 750px
dethmatch 078 750pxMax Fisher types, everywhere …

dethmatch 079 750pxGary, working the flat

dethmatch 080 750pxNo time for love, Dr Jones

dethmatch 081 750px
dethmatch 083 750pxPick your poison

dethmatch 084 750pAin’t nobody getting that sticker

dethmatch 085 750px
dethmatch 086 750px
dethmatch 087 750px
dethmatch 088 750px
dethmatch 089 750pxDon’t do it, Ben

dethmatch 090 750pxPillars of the Death Match community – Sieben, Waters and Bingham

dethmatch 091 750pxThe many moods of Strubing

dethmatch 092 750px
dethmatch 093 750px
dethmatch 094 750pxNick and Diego, backstage blues

dethmatch 095 750pxThe Mills(s)

dethmatch 096 750px
dethmatch 097 750pxA teammate’s embrace

TommyWright 750pxTommy Wright III

liluglymane 750pxLil Ugly Mane

Buddy 750pxBuddy

FlippDinero 750pxFlipp Dinero

dethmatch 098 750pxBack with the people

dethmatch 099 750pxWe’ve all been there

dethmatch 100 750pxOur bros from Vans. Thanks, y’all

dethmatch 101 750pxHass is out!

dethmatch 102 750pxMeanwhile, back in the pit

dethmatch 103 750pxFifty-percent pushy, fifty-percent dusty

dethmatch 104 750pxCity Morgue

dethmatch 105 750px‘Oh, hell no …’

dethmatch 106 750pxDelightful to others

dethmatch 107 750pxOG’s, Tony V and Fatlip

dethmatch 108 750pxPinkies up, hoes down

dethmatch 109 750pxTrending: afros

dethmatch 113 750pxWaffle ‘em!

dethmatch 115 750pxJosh Johnson, everywhere at once

dethmatch 116 750px
dethmatch 117 750px
dethmatch 118 750px
dethmatch 119 750px
dethmatch 120 750pxCouple party moms, out on a tear

dethmatch 121 750pxIt’s literally all they drink up there

dethmatch 122 750px‘Surge pricing? Fuck!’


Del 750pxDel the Funky Homosapien


dethmatch 123 750pxAnd finally, Day 3 and the namesake event – the Texas Death Match!

dethmatch 124 750pxWith death a little too real this year, it should be noted that this is pretty lighthearted affair

dethmatch 125 750pxMade even more so with the addition of inflatable eyeballs

dethmatch 126 750pxStill … a fun one

dethmatch 127 750px
dethmatch 128 750px
dethmatch 129 750px
dethmatch 130 750px
dethmatch 131 750px
dethmatch 132 750px
dethmatch 133 750px
dethmatch 134 750px
dethmatch 135 750px
dethmatch 136 750px
dethmatch 137 750pxAnd Borden is the last man rolling!

dethmatch 138 750pxSpend it wisely

razorbumps 750pxRazorbumps


sneaks 750pxSneaks

wand 750pxWand

fontainesDC 750pxFontaines D.C.

nothing 750pxNothing

dethmatch 139 750px‘When does the best trick start?? Don’t you know I’m LOCO?!’

dethmatch 140 750pxEyes over here, Frank

dethmatch 141 750pxNo Comply built a Daniel Johnston-themed obstacle for their uber-secret shoe release with Vans – eyeballs and everything!

dethmatch 142 750pxDeathbox mouth too

dethmatch 143 750pxPabiches, feeling it out

dethmatch 144 750px
dethmatch 145 750px Dink #1

dethmatch 146 750pxCC, over the box

dethmatch 147 750pxBackside dink

dethmatch 148 750pxLocal motion

dethmatch 149 750pxHale loves an extension

dethmatch 150 750pxNever complying

dethmatch 151 750pxIt was a dream to have someone handplant an eyeball. Muscle’s early attempts were harrowing

dethmatch 152 750pxNailed, of course

dethmatch 153 750pxYessir

dethmatch 154 750px
dethmatch 155 750px
dethmatch 156 750px
dethmatch 157 750pxNext, it was the Yuto show

YOTO SeqOllie McTwist. What’s Japanese for ‘Fuckin’ hell!’?

dethmatch 158 750pxBS NB over the hole

dethmatch 159 750pxThen Yüng Jake started in with the backflips

dethmatch 160 750pxJeezus!

dethmatch 161 750pxBe hard to get a better crowd pleaser

dethmatch 162 750pxI mean, get there while you can

dethmatch 163 750pxDefinite people’s champ

dethmatch 164 750pxWow

dethmatch 165 750pxThat’s why we do this shit

dethmatch 167 750pxYou said it, jacket!

viagraBoys 750pxViagra Boys

dethmatch 168 750pxFrom there it was a blur

dethmatch 169 750px 2xRose-tinted future

amyl1 750pxAmyl and the Sniffers

amyl2 750px

amy 750px 
dethmatch 170 750pxThe kids are still alright

blackangels 750pxThe Black Angels

dethmatch 171 750pxWe swayed, drunken maniacs while Roky wailed

roky 750pxRoky Erickson

dethmatch 172 750pxAnd we all made it home safe. Thanks Austin, the kids, Vans, musicians and all our Thrasher family

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