Dime & Adidas Launch Event Photos

Dime and adidas joined forces to treat the people of LA to a team demo, new gear drop and something of a celebrity sighting. Wanna see the chat bots write about a tracksuit? Here’s your ticket.

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 1First things first, a balanced Brazilian breakfast courtesy of Felipe

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 2Inside the park, Jenn Soto and Mariah Duran were getting Christmas completes going

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 3While Daewon was switch nose manualing all over the place

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 4And when I say all over the place, I’m talking up the euro, into the QP and all the way to the hip

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 5Don’t worry, Sam’s here!

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 6Lil’ Dre had the hip under control

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 7Felipe had his back on the flatbar

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 8Ten AM call time for a demo? Anything for the locals

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 9Diego kept the heat going with a blasted nollie inward heel

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 10Fresh from MIA, the jit himself

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 11And he brought some dip with him!

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 12Some positive reinforcement from the TM

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 13Zeke Duran demonstrates the Albuquerque warmup, which is a bigspin front blunt on the first handrail you see

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 14Deep in the phone zone

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 15Lil’ Dre popped his switch flip well above the watermark


ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 17D-Ser put the phone down for a second to get as close as possible to my lens

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 18Daewon knew something needed to be done on this ramp

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 19I wouldn’t have guessed it would have been 5-0 to fakie manual. Some say he’s still holding it

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 20And the group consensus is in: It’s hot as fuck

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 21We needed a new location with some shade

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 22The ledge over grass wasn’t enough for Nikolai...

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 23Wanna stay lowkey on the lacquer mission? That new tracksuit oughta do it

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 24Just make sure not to get any on those three stripes

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 25Paul took a quick group poll as to what Nikolai had up his sleeve

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 26But before anyone could get some, Paul had to make his mark to remind the people

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 27Must be nice having a shoe…

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 28Meanwhile, Jenn took advantage of the new wax job and went all the way around the bench

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 29You know Nikolai had to get some

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 30While Felipe and David watched from the sidelines

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 31Felipe ditched the shoes and gave a solid five reasons as to why he didn’t want to skate the new spot. The best one was that he didn’t understand how lacquer worked. Someone send him Salba’s number, please

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 32When he realized this ledge over gap was traditionally waxed up, he couldn’t resist a good old switch back tail flip out. Must be nice

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 33The crowd goes wild

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 34Nikolai had to get his back with the regular back tail kicky

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 35If you’re getting dapped up from Daewon, you know it’s a good day

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 36After a quick shower, we made our way over to the HVW8 gallery in Hollywood. First friendly faces, we got East Coast Jerms and adidas park local Joey Abarca

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 37Lest we get lost, maps were available on the way in

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 38Along with a very witty overview written by ChatGPT. Now write me a business proposal for the next big tech thing in the style of however Lyft got its money

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 39Who could’ve predicted all these tracksuits?!

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 40Behold, the reason for the season

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 41But what about that Luminacore Sphere?

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 42Need your ‘90s nostalgia fix? I got you

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 43It wouldn’t be a Dime party without some proper champagne. I’m assuming these all come from the Champagne region of French Canada

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 44Out front, we have our favorite team manager with his guest of honor

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 45T-Huff takes advantage of the party favors

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 46Jer missed the pattern memo

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 47Donta makin' Carl and Diego look like shrimps

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 48A torn ACL and one crutch couldn’t keep Christina home

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 49When Brad Staba isn’t whipping up pizza or shooting Oakley campaigns, he’s usually sipping on some fine wine

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 50Carl wanted a photo with everyone, including Nak and Alan

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 51Filmer-skater duo Devin Lopez and TJ Rogers rolled up

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 52"You wanna talk about meteors?!"

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 53Team Nora made its way up from sunny San Diego

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 54A limo? Who could this be?

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 55Holy shit, it’s John Wick! Everyone, be extra nice to a puppy if you see one

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 56And Mr. Señor Love Daddy?! Could be the truth, Ruth

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 57I mean, if Carl is gonna snap a photo with everyone, he’s definitely gonna need one with the these guys

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 58One does something with the CIA, the other went back in time and the shoes are from outer space. Can we greenlight this picture already?

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 59Hats off to Montreal for this one

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 60Brad Saunders, a big fan of champagne and movie stars

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 61You know what? Fuck the ‘90s. It’s 2005 and we’re watching Bloc Party or The White Stripes or Yeah Yeah Yeahs or The Shins or Of Montreal or LCD Soundsystem or Broken Social Scene or Feist or The Faint or Interpol or Belle and Sebastian or the Pixies comeback. Tell all your friends with T9

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 62Surprisingly, Nikolai was the only one here rocking speed shades. Carl and Christian need to take notes

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 63Matt Milligan is a diehard Sam Jackson fan, so I had to bless him with a pic

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 64Uh oh, the open bar is turning into open bottles

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 65I made the mistake of getting one...

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 66But as soon as they got ahold of it, I knew it was my time to get out of there

ADIDASxDIME PAPKE 67And just like that, we’re gone! A major shoutout to adidas and Dime for a day that will go down as one of my favorites in recent memory. If you want any chance of impressing dudes in the LA scene, celebs or convincing facsimiles, maybe cop a tracksuit and walk around Hollywood Blvd. You’ll never know what might happen
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