"DUET" Art Opening

DUET, presented by Almost skateboards, Cliché skateboards and HVW8 Gallery, features limited-edition skateboard decks and drawings from internationally-renowned French artists Jean Jullien and Jean André. There was an opening party to celebrate the work on July 7th and I hit it up to soak in the imported rad vibes. —Joe Hammeke
01 Arrived at HVW8 Gallery in Hollywood near Melrose and Fairfax to see Tait Roelofs finishing up the DUET mural out front

02Paul Hart came rolling up (literally)

03 And from the other direction, Chris Haslam

04Out back, Jean Jullien was finishing up some hand-paintd flower pots

05 Jullien talking board graphics with Haslam

06Back out front, Jean André was finishing up his own pots. Tait offers some personalized paint colors

07"Perfect. Just what I needed"

08Almost’s Art director, Eric Wollam, sets up shop for the boards: four graphics by Jean Jullien and one graphic by Jean André. Only 50 of each graphic were printed and they're only available through HVW8 for 75 dollars a piece

09Also available in skateshops is this regular production series of Almost decks drawn by Jean Jullien. Keep it simple

10 Tait Roelofs and Jean Jullien in front of the larger-than-life skating dog in the back lot

11 Then it was time to open the HVW8 doors

12 Mingling

13 Trending

14 The flower pots were displayed in the front window

15 The party out back was in full swing courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Louie Barletta approves

16Jean Jullien takes some time out to sign a fan’s Juxtapoz magazine and Almost deck

17 Paul Hart and Jean André with Paul's personalized “fuck you skate me” deck

18 Members of Cliché Skateboards, Almost Skateboards and Dwindle distribution lined up (sorta) for a group photo

19Jean Jullien, Abigail Kim of HVW8 and Jean André say, “Peace out”
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