"Elemental Wizards" Premiere Photos

Element and Blood Wizard got together to hit Skate Lab and premiere their new video, Elemental Wizards.


1 Shea Jerry Van Typical morning with the Wizards

2 PackedVanSorry, Jerry, out of seats

3 Jerry SeatIt all worked out, though

4 Greyson Chris MuseumMade it to Skatelab just fine

5 Jack GreetingsBesides a killer skatepark, Skatelab is also home to a killer museum and The Skateboard Hall of Fame

6 pingpongNot to mention there’s a ping-pong table

7 KingYubaAnd can’t forget about the skateboard throne. All hail, Jerry, king of Yuba

8 Jerry HandstandPaying homage to Patti

9 Speech“Now let’s give these eight, maybe nine kids a demo they’re not going to forget!”

10 Jerry LaybackThere may not have been the biggest turn out but that didn’t slow the guys down at all

11 Fletch WallrideFletcher Renegard breaking double digits

12 Anakin SmithMost of the action was in the bowl. Anakin, Smith through the corner

13 Chris KickflipGregson, kickflip FSA

14 Tom OllieFakieTom Schaar, ollie to fakie

15 Jack FsAirJack Given, fully extended

16 Fletch SwFsFeebleFletcher, switch front feeble

17 AnakinAnakin Senn was flying around before getting taken out with a hipper

18 Tom StaleTom’s obviously skated here before

19 Jerry Greyson DoublesKeeping my fingers crossed for Gurney/Fletcher synchronized doubles in 2020

20 SigningThen it was time for the signing

21 ScreenFollowed by the premiere of the Elemental Wizards video

22 CrowdLittle bigger turn out

23 VideoCrewYou too will get this stoked come November 16th when the video premiers on the Thrasher site

24 Greyson OllieThen, being the showman he is, Greyson closed out the night with this insane frontside ollie

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