Enjoi Wins King of the Road Season 2!

In the most closely-matched KOTR ever, panda powerhouse enjoi blazed into first place, no small thanks to MVPs Samarria Brevard and Jackson Pilz, the latter of whom was surprised with his first pro model. Congrats to enjoi as well as worthy f—kin’ adversaries, Creature (2nd) and Deathwish (3rd.) Check the awards photos and watch the final Viceland episode now!



Photos by David Broach

kotr awards 001 750pxThe calm before

kotr awards 002 750pxEnjoi got the memo to dress up at least

kotr awards 003 750pxHappy Hour with Thrasher Dan and Mike Sinclair

kotr awards 004 750pxDan Lu, Milton and Noah bev the F up

kotr awards 005 750pxCity Boys – Joe Brook and Andy Roy

kotr awards 006 750pxNeen with the missus. Good looking couple!

kotr awards 007 750pxAndy’s fountain

kotr awards 008 750pxOh, nah nah …

kotr awards 009 750pxOn the couch

kotr awards 010 750pxJaws and Rhino, KOTR survivors

kotr awards 011 750pxEl Phelperino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing

kotr awards 012 750pxBring a puppy, if you got one

kotr awards 013 750pxBreaking it down with Gravette

kotr awards 014 750pxLouie’s still flabbergasted

kotr awards 015 750pxGoddamn it Andy!

kotr awards 016 750pxSlash and Dickson, Deathwish’s finest

kotr awards 017 750pxThrasher Dave and a suitably made up waiter

kotr awards 018 750pxLiz and Sam, tight bros from way back

kotr awards 019 750pxWatch the suede, dog!

kotr awards 020 750pxEE and LK, nice

kotr awards 021 750pxMonroe Plumb made it!

kotr awards 022 750pxJay!

kotr awards 023 750pxA quick hug from DJ Mind Meld

kotr awards 024 750pxLots on the line

kotr awards 025 750pxCreach table

kotr awards 026 750pxG-damn right we had a smoke machine

kotr awards 027 750pxMakes everyone wanna dance

kotr awards 028 750pxDeathwish table

kotr awards 029 750pxRowan Z, wallflower in red

kotr awards 030 750pxFuture’s so bright…

kotr awards 031 750pxShhh! It’s starting!

kotr awards 032 750pxBurnett lets ‘em know

kotr awards 033 750pxThe Hammer claims first award for Hall of Meat. Valhalla!

kotr awards 034 750pxHe was everywhere

kotr awards 035 750pxNeen snags Boss Toss (of course)

kotr awards 036 750pxMore unitard action

kotr awards 037 750pxEnzo wins Nyjah’s Gnar Gnar for best rail trick. Damn straight

kotr awards 038 750pxCrowd goes wild

kotr awards 039 750pxGravette got a special award for damage done

kotr awards 040 750pxSix trophies total! He earned ‘em

kotr awards 041 750pxYeah, Lamb

kotr awards 042 750pxWeenie-intensive challenge. Andy always takes it too far

kotr awards 043 750pxZack fights back

kotr awards 044 750pxConover was helpless to his attack

kotr awards 045 750pxOh no …

kotr awards 046 750pxThen Big Boy Foy got surprised with his pro Deathwish board! You may have heard something about this

kotr awards 047 750pxGot his ass!

kotr awards 048 750pxWhole family came out for it

kotr awards 049 750pxSo sick!

kotr awards 050 750pxHey, no crying on KOTR!

kotr awards 051 750pxDan Lu delivers the make out awards

kotr awards 052 750pxWhich Louie grabbed handily with that Richie Jackson makeout

kotr awards 053 750pxJack storms the podium for Andy’s Choice. Wouldn’t be the last time

kotr awards 054 750pxPhelper’s Choice …

kotr awards 055 750pxAnd it’s Foy!

kotr awards 056 750pxAntler toss, no big deal

kotr awards 057 750pxJust glad nobody lost an eye

kotr awards 058 750pxBeagle throws for top honors

kotr awards 059 750pxControversial finish, as usual

kotr awards 060 750pxHeavy metal

kotr awards 061 750pxOne of the more special moments of the night: Samarria wins Mystery Guest MVP!

kotr awards 062 750pxCape and everything!

kotr awards 063 750pxSo stoked

kotr awards 064 750pxBut MVP was next

kotr awards 065 750pxJacko!!

kotr awards 066 750pxNone better

kotr awards 067 750px‘I never went to the prom!’

kotr awards 068 750pxThen everyone to the stage for the big announcement …

kotr awards 069 750pxHoly shit!

kotr awards 070 750pxEnjoi squeaks into first!

kotr awards 071 750pxThe pandas took it!

kotr awards 072 750pxThe wait was over

kotr awards 073 750pxThere it is!

kotr awards 074 750pxWhat the fuh? Nah, everyone was stoked

kotr awards 075 750pxAnd then Jackson got his pro model!

kotr awards 076 750pxNobody saw it coming! Louie wasn’t gonna give it to him unless the won, that sneaky bastard!

kotr awards 077 750pxAhhhh ….

kotr awards 078 750pxMemories to last a lifetime

kotr awards 079 750pxThe Table Breaking Society got some new members

kotr awards 080 750px Until next year. Thanks for skating, teams. Thanks for watching, everybody. Best KOTR ever

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