Enzo Cautela's Going Pro/Video Premiere Party

Flow to pro may be an anomaly in skateboarding, but it’s not technically impossible. Why not skip that daunting amateur step and go straight to the big leagues? With that in mind, Louie decided to grace Enzo with his first pro-model board after he rolled away from a hefty hardflip in his newest Panda Patrol video part. A public celebration was still in order, though, despite the lack of a surprise. Friday night, family, friends and fans alike came out to Pharmacy’s newest location in Long Beach to premiere Enzo’s debut pro part for enjoi and to partake in some free pizza and beers to keep the stoke levels high. Not to mention, Pharmacy set up ramps out front to get the legs loose. What more could you ask for? —Alex Papke

1 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxNewest addition to the Pharmacy family

2 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxDamion holding it down behind the counter for the night

3 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxFirst ones to the party: enjoi Euro frontman Deeds and RVCA masterlensman Brandon Jensen

4 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxFull ramp jam in the parking lot next door. John Dilo breaking in the new cruiser

5 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxThe youth still get stoked to get their pictures taken

6 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxAll ages welcome—you’re never too young to step on a ‘board

7 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxMC Nate Osborn holding it down out front

8 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxCaswell couldn’t stop talking about this MC Hammer video of him in a zebra banana hammock so he had to find it and show the team

9 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxOur fearless leader Louie engaging with the fans

10 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxA photo says 1,000 words—just ask the guy in back

11 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxIt was a one-stop shop for all your enjoi team-rider autographs

12 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxCaswell coming through for the youth, one slice at a time

13 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxThe look you give your homegirl when the photographer tells you that you both won the best-dressed award for the evening

14 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxTime to move this party inside

15 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxSorry, guys, you can’t bring the parrot inside

16 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxThe man of the hour getting bombarded by paparazzi—one of the many perks of going pro

17 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxPinball aficionado Zack Wallin was very disappointed when he realized the machine didn’t work

18 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxSanta Cruz’s flatbar technician Dylan Williams taking in as much free pizza as possible

19 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxFree PBR? A must at any skate event!

20 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxThe party in the back sure seemed to be enjoying it

21 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxDesiree Moore providing the stoke. Kids will never get sick of posters

22 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxDeedz blending right in

23 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxKOTR celebrity Cole Mathews signing autographs for the fans

24 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxAlright, let’s get this thing rolling

25 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxNo better way to turn pro than in the arms of Louie after rolling away from one of the biggest hardflips to date

26 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxAnd the crowed agreed—Enzo goes!

27 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxThey couldn’t get enough! Let’s play that back one more time. The video’s up there, Enzo

28 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxAfter the video, it was back to signing time

29 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxWe learned that Deedz doesn’t have a specific signature—he rotates through four different ones. Well, make that five now after Caswell gave him a new addition

30 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxHe couldn’t get enough of Deedz Nutz. That’s a board graphic if I’ve ever seen one!

31 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxSpeaking of board graphics, you now know where to get your Enzo board…

32 EnzoProParty PAPKE 750pxEnjoi’s newest pro—congrats, Enzo! You deserve it. Catch Enzo’s part playing on this very ‘site right now. You don’t want to miss it. Thanks for having us Pharmacy and enjoi! Until next time…
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