Cowtown's 21st Annual PHXAM, March 25-26

Cowtown's PHXAM returns to Desert West for a packed weekend of ripping. Check the flyer, then hit their site for all the details

PHXAM Press Release 2000

  • Established: Cowtown

    Established: Cowtown
    Putting Arizona skating first since '97, Cowtown isn’t just a retail space, but a community hub. Shop owners Trent, Ed and Laura recall the highlights, from building Phoenix's premier public skatepark, turning riders pro and showcasing the desert's best talents.
  • Independent's "PHX WHAM" Tour Video

    Independent's "PHX WHAM" Tour Video
    Jhanca, Braden, Kieran and more from Indy hit the DIYs, ditches and dusty spots of AZ on their way to the contest.
  • PHX AM 2023 Video

    PHX AM 2023 Video
    The hottest spring weekend returns with top ams from around the globe descending on the desert. Catch all the highlights here.
  • PHXAM 2023

    PHXAM 2023
    The desert's biggest skate event of the year returns with Cowtown's PHXAM. Get all the details for your weekend plans here.
  • Joe Hammeke's "PHX HAM" Photo Show

    Joe Hammeke's "PHX HAM" Photo Show
    Over 150 prints from Joe's life in the field will be on display and up for sale to kick off PHXAM weekend this year. Grab a piece of skateboarding history and help the Hammeke family in the process.