Foundation "Oddity" Premiere Photos

Foundation has done it once again. They made another full-length video to add to their library. In an age of overly-produced video shorts, the F troop kept it true to the core and stuck with the tried-and-true formula with a half-hour video of straight hammers. No gimbals, drones or helicopters, just good ol' follow filming on a cruiser board. Sure, it’s filmed in HD but the production screams lo-fi at its finest, right down to the punk-rock soundtrack. Exactly what you expect from Foundation: skateboarding at it’s best, pure and simple. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxThe line outside The Observatory Orange County was huge!

02 750pxDakota Servold and his parents

03 750pxSandi and Ryan Spencer

04 750pxNick Merlino, off the wagon. Look out!

05 750pxPaul Hart carries the stoke for Cole Wilson

06 750pxRikki the Dude with a freshly-cropped head. Gregson is now left to carry the torch for long-haired lensmen

07 750pxBlake Carpenter signing his Thrasher cover for a fan

07.5 750px

Nick Merlino, nervous anticipation

08 750pxNow time for Oddity

09 750pxThe crowd was on their feet the entire showing

10 750pxDuffman, two thumbs up!

10.5 750pxCorey Glick’s part nailed it in case you didn’t already know from that interview in the March issue of the mag

11 750pxSpeaking of Duffel, Kevin from the Lookback Library was there with a bag of classic mags featuring Foundation team riders. Covers, baby

12 750pxThrasher lensmen Dan Stolling, Ewan Bowman and Rhino. Can you tell who looks through the viewfinder?

13 750pxBetween showings, Travesura was playing inside on stage

14 750pxThey always get the crowd dancing

15 750pxReally dancing

16 750pxFans snappin' selfies with Cole Wilson

17 750pxDon Luong, behind the lens, always

18 750pxHammer crew: Nick Merlino, Don Luong and Cole Wilson

19 750pxDavid Loy and Corey Duffel, lots of wrist surgeries between these two

20 750pxOh, Ladies First

21 750pxErica Yary and crew will back that

22 750pxMost of the Foundation team in one place. Cole Wilson and Duffel were nowhere to be found. Duffel said he hasn’t been in a team photo in five years, so I guess this is nothing new

23 750pxThen Ryan Spencer went berzerk

24 750pxYou okay, buddy?

25 750pxDakota didn’t get off so easy and was taken outside

26 750pxThat’s all and good night. Amazing job by Don and the boys. Full parts dropping on starting Feb 13th!

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    Foundation's "Oddity" Video
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    Cole Wilson's "Oddity" Part
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    Cole Wilson Interview
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    Aidan Campbell's "Oddity" Part
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    Aidan Campbell Interview
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