Frog's "Fashion Show 2018" Photos

The following photographs were captured while filming for the latest Frog video on our Olive-Garden-fueled trip to San Francisco. A few also came from our adventures in lovely Las Vegas—powered by mostly my gambling addiction. The real gems, however, were from a spontaneous fashion show curated at Zach Baker’s apartment somewhere in the depths of Gotham City. Thanks again, Zach. Sorry for running over hamburger meat on your foam roller. —Jesse Alba

Fashion photos by Colin Sussingham
Skate photos by Thomas Goldman, except where noted

IMG 8497 2000PXGetting ready for the big debut, Chris preps his first look. Dustin Henry helped style his hair red, and the rest came naturally

IMG 8591 2000PXVoila! Milic starts the show clad in nipple tape, what I hope to be Happy Hour shades, a makeshift Alltimers skirt, two different shoes and a hammer straight from the hands of Jim Greco to complete it

IMG 8592 2000PXA closer glimpse into Chris’s toned body, somehow a lollipop appeared in his mouth. Thanks again to Dustin for setting the mood lighting

IMG 8533 2000PXWe had to call intermission before things got too heavy too fast. I hope that's beer and not pee-pee on my leg—either way, it was worth it

IMG 8546 2000PXBack at it, Crazy T gets nasty with it on the roller aided by something mischievous in his martini glass

IMG 8556 2000PXEtienne, director of the fashion show and runway wrench-thrower, drinking the worst possible beer known to exist and smoking inside. A perfect strategy for getting yelled at by a TM from a company that rhymes with Xans

IMG 8593 2000PXI did techincally waste this sheet of grip and probably ruin that board for fashion's sake, but I'd like to believe somebody re-gripped and skated that cursed deck

IMG 8595 2000PXA tote bag, some shorts and a roll of the dice, acknowledging my gambling addiction with my look was something I always dreamed of

IMG 8601 2000PXAnd the fashion show comes full circle with a new take on the look that kicked it off. Where Chris found that baseball glove is beyond me and I really wished those were Greco’s Supras. There's always next year

IMG 8607 2000PXBehind the scenes, we had crazy T and Dane Barker’s agent talking shop. Possibly scouting a new Frog rider to take under his wing and showcase him in the next Lotties video

IMG 8565 2000PXA small glimpse of the aftermath

Frog Squad 2000PXOf course we had to skate at some point. Here's everyone pretending to be cool with me trying a manual trick for hours till it got dark and never landing it

Hayden Full Cab Manny VegasLuckily Hayden Burns did this quicker than I could finish a meal at Del Taco. Hell yeah, bud

Celebration 2000PXAnd he gave me props for not possessing a chin

Hayden Burns 1 2000PXHayden featured here in another @wet_fits. It was a shame that the guys from Atlantic Drift pulverized this spot, leaving nothing left for our skate team to walk away with

Milic Chris Kick 2000PX Chris ripping a giant fart in Vegas

Hayden Nick SF 2000PXHayden and Nick on our first trip for the video, standing outside our Airbnb. Later at the same spot, Daniel Dent—the lovely filmer and editor of the video—shit his pants on his birthday and passed out in the shower. Thanks for filming!

Gallaher Pat Kickflip SF 2000PXSomehow we made it out of Vegas to play in the Bay. Pat Gallaher kickflips into das bank with Tony Hawk’s previous pro model

Gallaher Pat SW Crook SF Outrail 2000PXPat also came through with a hefty switch crow. We spent way too much time here this day, but luckily Tony V treated us at Olive Garden afterward to nurse our sorrows. Thanks, Tony!

Alba Jesse Wallie Grab Square 2000PXSylvain already shut the spot down, but I thought it would be alright to grab a black-and-white melon nosebonk as a souvenir

Milic Chris 180 Handplant 2000PXAhhh, back to color, thank the Lord. Chris Milic uses his upper body strength to alley-oop into another wallride grab maneuver. “Sounds weird on paper but it is awesome.” —Tomas Morrison

Alba Jesse Wallride Ollie SF School 2000PXThe rest of the photos are of myself, which I apologize for. Here I am trying to stretch my chins on a fence that hundreds of people have already wallridden

Jesse Feeble grind Ben Colen 2000PXPhoto: Colen
Walked up to Mike Anderson trying this feeble switch the other day with none other than Wheatley behind the lens...

Jesse Nosemanual Dakota Mullins 2000PXPhoto: Mullins
Can’t think of anything clever to say about this one, besides the fake Thrasher shirt and this photo ending up on the Thrasher website. It's called fashion, sweetie, look it up
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