FTC's "Pier 7" Premiere

On the fabled docks of the San Francisco Bay, Pier 7 defined a generation of street skating. FTC made a video about those good times and held a premiere at The Independent last night. 


photos: Dan Z & Joe Brook



Free? Im there


DSC01063Jabari and Ando


DanZTerry Worona and Dan Z


DSC01085Richard Hart and Joe Brook


DSC01067Meanwhile across the street...

DSC01069Pablo gettin' some snaps

DSC01073Check the footie



Cody gettin' some 3's going



Mallory got skunked

DSC01076Bram and posse


Even the hobbling came out


DSC01086New issue of Push—very rare

DSC01088Zach of Rasa fame

GXGX with the birthday boy, Instapizzle

IMG 2244

Gio and Gary Geez



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