Girl's "Nervous Circus" Behind-the-Scenes Photos

 Let's be honest, we all had some pretty high hopes for 2020. Granted, it hasn’t been the beacon of light we all thought it might be, but we gotta be grateful for the little things that help us get through it. And what a better pick-me-up than Girl Skateboards' newest 15-minute offering, Nervous Circus, welcoming Niels Bennett and Griffin Gass into the pro ranks? On top of heavy ripping, a little levity goes a long way—enter Niels' clown-heavy concept. Scroll through to see something beatiful and bizarre, even by Venice in 2020 standards. —Alex Papke

NC Skit photoPAPKE 1Getting the day started, Griff gets first dibs in hair and makeup

NC Skit photoPAPKE 2A fresh shave might've helped

NC Skit photoPAPKE 3Move over ICP, there's a new clown in town

NC Skit photoPAPKE 4But this wasn't your standard juggalo affair

NC Skit photoPAPKE 5Behind every good costume, there’s a great TM making it happen 

NC Skit photoPAPKE 6Attention to detail is everything

NC Skit photoPAPKE 7Ready for the first rip at Venice curbs, but something's missing…

NC Skit photoPAPKE 8... of course, the balloons! Thanks, Sammy

NC Skit photoPAPKE 9They really tie it all together, don’t they? The locals were getting a kick out of this one

NC Skit photoPAPKE 10So were Rick, Feds and Mike Mo

NC Skit photoPAPKE 11Jeron thought he was just rollin' up on another Venice local

NC Skit photoPAPKE 12Even though we knew Griff was going big, no one thought it would be this good

NC Skit photoPAPKE 13Niels knows he's next

NC Skit photoPAPKE 14When he has to publicly clown around all day, best believe Niels is gonna be picky about his get-up

NC Skit photoPAPKE 15And soon enough, we got him in the hot seat. Shout-out to Mimi for the proper styling

NC Skit photoPAPKE 16Fresh off an early morning flight from New York, it’s all coming together for Niels

NC Skit photoPAPKE 17Even though this whole thing was his idea, I don’t think Niels fully knew what he was getting himself into

NC Skit photoPAPKE 18I mean, shit—skating around in this kit all day during a heatwave, what’s the worst that could happen?

NC Skit photoPAPKE 19Back at the curbs, now there's two dudes down to clown. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all at Venice

NC Skit photoPAPKE 20Griff held it down for the skating portion on this one, while Niels did his best to stay out of the spotlight. Quick flick in and out of this back tail

NC Skit photoPAPKE 21The boys were bound to break some necks

NC Skit photoPAPKE 22Next time Carroll has to get dressed up, too

NC Skit photoPAPKE 23 copyi think we found Griffin's first shoe for Lakai. The beach bros were impressed 

NC Skit photoPAPKE 24“What do you think, more balloons?”

NC Skit photoPAPKE 25Always an interesting time when you can get Carroll and Tim together

NC Skit photoPAPKE 26And it sure as shit wouldn’t be a proper Thrasher blog without a photo of Tim Gavin posted up at Tim Gavin’s curb. We all know he put a beating on this one

NC Skit photoPAPKE 27Crob took a break from the mic to squeeze out a couple curb moves 

NC Skit photoPAPKE 28Griff gets his back with a picture-perfect kickflip. What happened to his blue shoes?  

NC Skit photoPAPKE 29A real sight for sore eyes, I can tell you that much

NC Skit photoPAPKE 30Oh yeah, didn't we have some serious business to take care of, too? Thanks, Spike, for keeping the product safe

NC Skit photoPAPKE 31 copySam might be in over his head here…

NC Skit photoPAPKE 32... but as usual, he got it under control. And now introducing…

NC Skit photoPAPKE 33... Malto's newest co-pros! If Sean's signing off on you, you’ve done your job 

NC Skit photoPAPKE 34And if it was up to Manch, these guys would have been pro years ago

NC Skit photoPAPKE 35"Hey, watch the merchandise!"

NC Skit photoPAPKE 36Was it really a surprise? No. Did I try and make it look like one? Maybe

NC Skit photoPAPKE 37 copySurprise or not, a celebration is in order. You already know they deserved it, but after these new parts, there's no questioning it 

NC Skit photoPAPKE 38 copyThey just grow up too fast these days, eh, Rick?

NC Skit photoPAPKE 39A little celebratory swingin' never hurt anyone…

NC Skit photoPAPKE 40... unless you haven’t been practicing your backflips during quarantine 

NC Skit photoPAPKE 41Clown down! Maybe next time, Niels

NC Skit photoPAPKE 42A for effort from Carroll, though. That counts for something, right?

NC Skit photoPAPKE 43We know it isn’t six feet, but we made an exception to get at least one good family photo for the day 

NC Skit photoPAPKE 44 copyHonestly, when everything was said and done…

NC Skit photoPAPKE 45... being a clown is harder than you think

NC Skit photoPAPKE 46But hey, the hardwork paid off. The dudes finally have their own decks! Couldn’t be more hyped for you guys

NC Skit photoPAPKE 47And if you haven’t already, go watch Niels and Griffin with their pro debuts in Nervous Circus playing on this very site right now. And while you’re at it, hit your local shop and pick up one of their boards. Congrats again, dudes!

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