GX1000 New York Premiere Photos

Another epic premiere for “The GX1000 Video” at the Sunshine Cinema in NYC. Good homies, good time and a lot of beers. Thanks New York for all the support.



GX in NYC. We out here


2Test, Test. 1, 2. Almost time to start this video


3Bay area squad in the 10002


4Dela and Boneyard


5Andy, GX, Nawrocki, Herrington, Pep Kim


6Tierney and Denley


7Bressler, Local Express and Manchild


8Stevie and his homies


9Mr. Ying and Chase


10Kev and Big Pauly


11Dela, Dick and Mr. Wilson


12The good homies. Yonnie and Downy


13TOA boys


14Jordan Trahan and his lady friend


15It's getting weird out here, time to go inside


16Even GX’s sister came out


17Solid squad. Jake, Chapman, Eby and some homies


18Take a seat Quasi. Chad and Will


19Static and GX


20Team CocaCola


21Smoke fills the air


22And that’s a rap. Thank you New York for coming out

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