Halloween at Burnside 2018 Photos

The Burnside Skatepark celebrated its 28th birthday this year and the party was one of the biggest ones yet. A little rain didn't stop any of the festivities and the music and skating went on late into the night. Big thanks to all the OGs who built the park and to the people who take care of it today. Rest in Peace, Mark Hubbard. We all missed you this year.


Words and photos by Ari Morris

AM01 New Paint 750pxA little bit of TLC via a fresh coat of paint and the park was ready for the event

AM02 Jay Meer Legend 750pxOrganizer, painter and DIY advocate, Jay Meer, has been holding it down since the beginning

AM03 PStone Monk Dorfus Mural 750pxMeer killed it with the mural on the front of the park

AM04 Burnside Family 750pxWhile inside the park our fallen brothers were watching over. Rest in peace, Preston "P-Stone" Maigetter, Mike Davis, Andrew Schleifer, Mark "Monk" Hubbard and Tim "Dorfus" McDougall. We miss you all dearly

AM05 Josh Falk FSA 750pxJosh Falk firing it up with a huge corner air

AM06 Andy Ashburn FS 5050 750pxAM06 Andy Ashburn FS 5050 750pxAndy Ashburn made a deal with the devil to skate fast—ride on 50-50

AM07 Andy Adams Eggplant 750pxAndy Adams, eggplant

AM08 Brent Atchley Nollie Disaster 750pxBrent Atchley, nollie disaster—smooth as ever

AM09 Joe Storm BSA 750pxJoe Storm blasting backside, high to low

AM10 Willis Kimbel 750pxPro rambler and hand-turn aficionado, Willis Kimbel, with an andrecht—first try every try

AM11 Brennan Boothe 750pxBrennan "Binger" Boothe styling a backside Losi

AM12 Mark Scott Sequence5 750pxClassic Mark Scott move, one-footed layback

AM13 Tony Ellis 750pxTony Ellis grinding off the edge to disaster

AM14 Arcana 750pxMeanwhile in the parking lot, she shredders, Arcana, were keeping it stoked

AM15 Sofie Huboly FSG 750pxYou know the ladies were getting in there too. Sofia Huboly, FSG

AM16 Mike Hell Alley Oop 750pxMike Hell played in three different bands and then went straight to ripping—alley-oop over the hip

AM17 In the Pit 750pxBack in the pit, Nervous Defects keeping things scary

AM18 Crowd 750pxSolid turn out this year!

AM19 Happy Halloween 750pxHappy Halloween. See you next year

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