Halloween Hellbomb 2022 Photos

Every year WE ATTEMPT TO plan this event, it's always harder than we think it’s going to be. To ease the stress, we started planning everything three months before Halloween. We thought that would give us plenty of time to get it going. But we learned that for five guys with full-time jobs, we probably still needed more time. And seeing as how our 2019 Hellbomb racked up millions of views, there were big shoes to fill. After two months of going back and forth with the city, jumping through all the legal hoops, planning out ramp designs and trying to find some sponsors to foot the bill, it seemed like this shit might not happen after all. With the event’s would-be date two weeks out, we said, “Fuck it,” and started on the obstacles anyway (thanks, Keen Ramps!). Once the ball got rolling, everything miraculously fell into place, and with just 48 hours before the event, we had a permit secured. Thank you to everyone that came out. Now enjoy every moment of mayhem. —Alex Papke

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 1An early first look at the top of the hill while Long Beach’s finest prepare for the worst

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 2A solid handshake to ensure nothing goes too far south

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 3Did we mention that the winner takes home the honorary black card? No skate contest has offered this before—a bottomless prize purse

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 4Diesel Degenerates and Ke$ha herself brought out the big rig on some twisted shit

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 5As always, onlookers were dressed properly for the occasion

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 6To start it off, we keep it simple with a race to the bottom

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 7And as you can tell…

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 8…everyone wanted a piece of it

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 9Pushing full speed with a VX? Just another day for Austin Leleu

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 10Jason Borosky traded in the dirtbike for a make-shift tent. Not the most aerodynamic, but it still goes

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 11If standing up isn’t your thing, no sweat

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 12All the homies were in full attendance

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 13The only way to properly go down on a bike is with a beer in each hand

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 14If you left your car at the bottom of the hill, good luck getting it back up

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 15Unfortunately, the senior citizens weren’t feeling the speed

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 16But a six-person luge? Why not?!

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 17An overall message we want everyone to follow for the afternoon

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 18Garrett Hill took a break from dropping some heavy PSLs to come out and support

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 19And just in time, Cory gets the first obstacle in the ground

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 20A quick check from our media team to make sure this 30-year-old technology still works

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 21Just in time for the Lumberjack Massacre—better go fast or you might end up like Shealy

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 22Getting sacked on this one was an ongoing thing

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 23They eventually got the hang of it

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 24Austin Heilman came out as our favorite F-Block alumni and charged full speed in Duffman's honor

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 25Staring down the barrel of a gun, in huaraches

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 26Anything for a good view

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 27Slams were definitely inevitable

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 28Kirby got a piece, then had to take a quick call

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 29Kanaan Dern made the drive from O-side, going bullet-beating speed as Neo

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 30Jack Olson makes a great Shaggy. Zoinks! 

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 31Pro tip: get a costume with some dome coverage to increase your chance of survival. Now cue the post-2000s G’N’R

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 32Everyone was getting a piece of this thing

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 33Even the dude in the wheeled kayak

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 34Jack Olson took the cake, being the only person to take the Lumberjack switch

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 35An impromptu haircut on the course? Sure, why not?!

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 36On to the next obstacle—Satan’s Drano came correct with the Executioner’s Delight, a bump to pillory decked out with plenty of chains and blood. Greg Dehart warmed things up with a noseblunt

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 37I found out a few months ago that Cold is secretly beast at riding a scooter. He took his talent to the next level—knee pads and all—but couldn’t catch a break

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 38Ceddy was practically just picking up bodies at this point

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 39If you’re gonna wear a helmet, you gotta be getting buck

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 40Otto Rocket was definitely getting buck. We wanted to see a BSNB on this thing and TP delivered

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 41If your homie is down to give you some shoulder action to get a view, I highly suggest you take it

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 42It’s not Halloween without at least one of the Piss Drunx

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 43Cody Jacobson might have gotten his arm clipped, but the Suski grind was worth it

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 44Gas Giants took a break from their usual Cancun vacations to bring the Squid Game to Hellbomb

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 45We turned the pillory around to get a little fatty-to-flatty action. Kenny Stanley checked off old faithful and got things going with a pop shove

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 46That still didn’t stop the slams

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 47If anything, it just made them gnarlier. If you’re gonna be on the media team, you best stay under the ladder for your own safety

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 48And as the tricks went on, the gap got even bigger

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 49It’s all about getting the angles, kids

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 50Kwesi stepped to it no questions asked

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 51But we all know Kanaan had to finish things off with a front 180 straight outta The Matrix

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 52Walsh was on the mic all day as Steve Irwin getting the crowd hyped

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 53Bragg came out with the Hook to slam some Claws

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 54Did Cody Moyles know Bam was our special guest at Hellbomb or was it just a lucky guess? Either way, Ape's gonna be so pissed

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 55The Twisted Tea hype with the youth is really showing these days

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 56Omar and Decenzo, two heavyweights of the day

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 57All ages are always welcome

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 58Rhino getting some ideas for next year's costume 

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 59Our guy Rye Beres getting the crowd fired up for our third and final obstacle

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 60Is that a giant spliff?

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 61Well if it is, you gotta light that shit somehow. Thanks for doing the honors, Tanner

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 62The Spliff Jam was our final obstacle event of the evening, and you know we had to go all out. That’s $100K in weed burning up in there!

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 63It’s not as easy as it might look

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 64The more skin, the better

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 65Josh Douglas stepped it up with a smokin' back Smith

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 66Tanner and Fiene were on their daredevil shit with the fire going strong

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 67 Did we mention this thing gets bigger? The only spliff that gets longer as it stays lit—Roman hit it easy

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 68Backed up shortly by Decenzo

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 69The only person to give me a double shinner during the day was this dude while he was skating up the hill

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 70Sam Sneed has the front boards on lock

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 71The Florida gang was loving every second of this shit

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 72Gary Rogers was there, no suit but still fired up

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 73And for the final jam, a nine-foot pole. You can’t make this spliff up

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 74“But is it even possible?”

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 75Right off the bat, Kanaan takes flight

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 76Quickly followed by Sam Sneed

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 77Almost 12 feet off the ground, it’s a long way down for little Julian

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 78Sam shut the day down, boardsliding the nine-footer when no one saw it coming

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 79And as always, the best way to wrap the day is with some more fire

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 80Of course, the crowd got wild as everything started to burn down

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 81Under Pressure to close it out, Tanner and Fiene as HK and Klein know what to do

HELLBOMB22 PAPKE 82And with two dudes bombing down the hill on fire, that's gotta be The End. A huge thanks to everyone who came out to Long Beach for this one. We can’t wait to do it again next year. Might start planning it now just to be safe…
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