Halloween Hellride 2016 Photos

The 5th annual Halloween Hellride presented by Diamond and Thrasher went down Friday night. The skating was so hot the LA fire marshal showed up and shut it down but check out some of the action before he got to the party. —Joe Hammeke

01Two time Halloween Hellride champion Ronnie Sandoval was heating up the practice session.

02Ronnie and his lady Irie, gangsters

03Dashawn Jordan, one of two Incredible Hulks

04Hulk Andrecht

05Nick Rivera, barrier kult backtail

06Anyone who’s ever witnessed Kyle Kaitanjian skate would agree he definitley embodies the Incredible Hulk

07Hulk grind

08Hulk smash!

09Jay and Silent Bob. Not sure if these were actual costumes or real life

11Daniel Vargas with that Hosoi flare

12Gangster and A Clockwork Orange

13Brad McClain knows to bust in front of the judges. Frontside 5-0 to fakie

14Ronnie Sandoval, huge back d

15and a front blunt. Is that a Vans sticker?

16Tristan Rennie, indy disaster

17Rick Fabro, frontside wallride

18While the judges were deciding the eight finalists Felix hosted a tricks for cash flyout to a parking lot landing ramp

19Landon Belchor, straight to it with a grind transfer

20and a wad of cash

21What’s Ben “Rambo” Hatchel have in his arsenal?

22Back three with ease to pocket $300

23Demarcus James, varial flyout

24Finals got underway but were cut almost immediately when the fire marshal showed up on an over capacity violation. Hatchel front blunt on over six feet of vert


26What else can I do to shut this down?

27Don’t worry Ben I got this!

28Jeron Wilson, Nick Tershay and Ben Hatchel with $5000 and a new Harley!

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