Hanging at The Hawk’s Nest: The Birdmanramp Photo Feature

00 Birdmanramp TitleHe’s done the loop. He’s done the side-loop. Tony Hawk has an affinity for weird ramps, and so of course it was only a matter of time before he skated the famed half-man, half-ramp known as Manramp. How could he not? Tony's legacy of isn’t just doing the biggest and hardest tricks, it’s also skating the weirdest shit he can find or make. And for that, we are forever grateful and stoked to add this session to his long list of wild rides. Long live the Birdman. 

01 Birdmanramp The ChannelHigh ramp, high stakes, welcome to the Hawk’s Nest

02 Birdmanramp Birds of VertBirds of prey assemble

03 Birdmanramp Is that Seven PlyIs that seven-ply?

04 Birdmanramp Tony Hawk Rock n RollNo better way to get the party started than with a little Hawk-and-roll

05 Birdmanramp Andy Mac Roll InFrom one sheet of wood to another, Manramp serves up some Andy Mac

06 Birdmanramp Jimmy Wilkins Bs LipJimmy Wilkins, the vertical wunderkind, back lips the sub ramp

07 Birdmanramp Tony ChannelWhere there’s a ramp, there’s a way. Tony reinvents the channel ride

08 Birdmanramp Andy Mac Elbow PadAndy Mac gets the invert assist from the rampless Man 

09 Birdmanramp Andy Mac BTSSometimes in skateboarding you get to be among the select few that sees a mind-blowing maneuver in the flesh, and it feels like you’re witnessing the miraculous. Not to get sacrilegious or anything, but we were among the vert gods

10 Birdmanramp Tony Hawk InvertThe Hawk perches wherever he pleases

11 Birdmanramp Tony and ManrampBirdmanramp

12 Birdmanramp Manramp Hawk HoldIf there's ever a hawk in need, he'll be there to lend a hand
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