Heroin's "Bath Salts" Video Premiere Photos

Last night Heroin skateboards premiered their new am video Bath Salts at the Regent theatre in downtown Los Angeles. As the name suggests there was lots of face melting skateboarding from the likes of Zack Krull, Adrian Adrid, Lee Yankou, Tony Karr, and the rest of the gang. Words and photos by Ben Karpinski.

1 PreShowPizzaShowed up early to a pre show pizza party.


2.Fos FinishingTouchFos was still hard at work putting everything together.


3. Adrian Cheers

Adrian Adrid


4. ZachKrull

Zach Krull


5.Dee CorrinaSpotted Dee and Corrina


6. Pat AdrainPat Franklin and Adrian


7. MarqueeI wonder what the Regent thought they got themselves into?


8.Daniel ClintShimizu and Clint


13.Cody FosCody Thompson maker of Bath Salts and keeper of wristbands.


10.RogieRogie made it all the way from England.


11.TomDay JoeOdonnellAlong with the rest of the long billed Brits Joe O’Donnell and Tom Day.


12.gripThe people were ready.


13.Cody FosThe men behind Bath Salts, Cody and Fos.


14.Shane ScreenShane Powell flew out from Nashville for the weekend.

15.BathSalts Crew

Fos introduced the crew before the video.


16.BathSalts Screen



17.Fos decksImmediately following the video Fos made a special announcement.


18.Tony DeckTony Karr is Pro!


19.Tony ProAfter watching the video it was a no brainer. Congrats Tony!