Spring Is In The Air...

Spring Is In The Air...

...and our new Spring 2010 products are in the store. Tragedy meshcaps and Unicorn Chaser t-shirts seem to be the hot items so far, but don't miss all the new girls stuff too.

Updated: March 26th, 2010

Retro logo stickers/Big sk8goat stickers SkategoatBig-RetroLogo-610
New sk8goat board sticker – 9”x 9” and retro logo stickers that come in bright-ass color combinations of blue, pink, yellow and fluorescent green.

Sticker Grip
Mob grip tape featuring a collage of Thrasher stickers.

Big Black Cap
Snap back adjustable cap, black with large raised black embroidered Thrasher logo, made by Flat Fitty, 100% acrylic.

One size fits most!

Sk8goat Coin Pouch
2 1/2 inch round red rubber coin pouch with skate goat logo printed black.

Store your crap in there. Pefect for overseas skate trips.

Unicorn Chaser Lives!!!
Rarely does a t-shirt design inspire so much hostility and mystical, magical bliss at the same time. (Apparently there is not much middle ground when it comes to unicorns...) Cut the sleeves off and you got yourself one helluva tuff t-shirt. Exactly what is a 'unicorn chaser' you ask? Just fucking google it...

Spring Is In The Air...
Available in fitted girls t-shirts as well as our usual mens sizes S-XL. Get some!

McNett Goat

Spring Is In The Air...

Heavyweight, 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt featuring a custom Skategoat logo by Dennis McNett.

Prevent This Tragedy Mesh Caps

Spring Is In The Air...
Originally just a limited-edition promo item for our video, these high-quality mesh caps were in such high demand that we had to make a full run of 'em. Available in purple or green, these are exclusive colorways you can only get from Thrasher. Hats are adjustable and feature an under-the-bill screenprint of the Thrasher logo for only $23.95, until this batch is gone forever.

Guerrero Saves

Spring Is In The Air...
Tommy G knows what's up. His "Thrasher Saves" sketch was an instant hit here at the plant so we just knew we had to throw it on a t-shirt for you. Available on white or baby blue shirts in mens' sizes S-XL, "Guerrero Saves" is available now for only $16.95.

Retro Logo Colorways

Spring Is In The Air...
Bright-ass colored t-shirts inspired by some of our craziest 1980s cover colors. Choose lime-green-on-hot-pink or yellow-on-teal-blue in mens' sizes S-XL.

Basic Thrasher T-Shirt 3-Pack

Spring Is In The Air...
The exact opposite of big-ass logos on bright-ass shirts, this 3-pack of basic mens' t-shirts is for those of you who need quality threads but not giant logos. Each 3-pack comes with one basic white, black, and gray t-shirt. Each shirt has a small, embroidered Thrasher logo loop tag on the left sleeve that you could even cut off if you really, REALLY don't like logos. Each pack of three shirts is only $29.95

Girls' Thrasher Zipped Hoodie and New Logo Patch Colors

Spring Is In The Air...
The ladies finally get the classic Skate Mag logo on a soft, form-fitting cotton zippered hoodie, and our embroidered logo patches now come in red-on-black and silver-on-black in addition to the classic black-on-white. Patches are still only $2.00 each!

New Girls' Skatemag Colors

Spring Is In The Air...
100% pre-shrunk cotton girls form-fitting t-shirt that features the classic Thrasher skateboard magazine logo. Now available in Black, Olive and Teal. Get one for your favorite girl today.

iPhone 3G/3Gs Skins Are Here
Not available in shops, only in the web store.

Spring Is In The Air...
Obsessively designed and engineered to take a beating, our iPhone 3G/3Gs Capsule Case is the sleekest, most durable twin-shot iPhone case you can buy. Choose from a variety of Thrasher designs including Stickers, Skate And Destroy, Skate Rock, Oath, or Splattergoat in 4 different colorways. Or upload your own photo or artwork to create your own custom iPhone case over at www.getuncommon.com.

• Convenient capsule design for easy insertion.
• Removable bottom for placing in dock.
• Easy-access button covers for those important moments.
• Twin-shot dark matter bezel to keep screen safe & looking large.
• Shatterproof polycarbonate to take any beating.

  • How Do You Still Not Have A Calendar?

    How Do You Still Not Have A Calendar?
    March is almost over, time to get your shit together. To that end, Thrasher wall calendars are now only $6.66 until this last box is empty—order yours today.
  • Skategoat Snapbacks

    Skategoat Snapbacks
    Introducing brand new high-quality adjustable snapbacks featuring a woven Skategoat patch now available in navy blue and black.
  • The 2013 Thrasher Wall Calendar

    The 2013 Thrasher Wall Calendar
    Colden, Cardiel, MJ, Sheckler, Greco, Armanto, Ostrander, Taylor, Yankou, Hewitt, Majerus, and SOTY 2012, David Gonzalez. Large-format to burn your eyeballs. You guys still have eyeballs, right? And walls?
  • SAD Sweatpants

    SAD Sweatpants
    We made sweatpants back in the '80s and they were all the rage. People even skated in them. Whether or not you leave the house while wearing them is your call...
  • Skategoat Leather Wallet

    Skategoat Leather Wallet
    Cash, credit, fake ID, and the Skategoat, all in your back pocket. Warning: several cows were sacrificed in the making of this product.