Indy's "No Meat Pies, No Glory!" Premiere Photos

Black just opened their doors a few weeks ago in LB and Indy broke the ice with the first video premiere in the heart of the Long Beach’s skate scene. The place was packed, drinks were flowing and Travesura played a great set after the video blew some minds. —Rhino

1 750pxMotley crew outside of BLACK Long Beach

2 750pxRyan Townley, Blake Carpenter and Leo Romero, excited to see the video

3 750pxCheck your sticks at the door

4 750pxBlake running the table

5 750pxManchild and Cold Dawg getting the party started

6 750pxLB residents Doughnut and Joey Ragali

7 750pxTyson Peterson and Thrasher Dan

8 750pxClint and Rachel made it out from Oklahoma. Where is Scrappy dog?

9 750pxSome of LB’s finest

10 750pxCole Wilson and Margaux

11 750pxDakota and Brooke

12 750pxNinety-nine bottles and a skate vid…

13 750pxThe crowd was mesmerized

14 750pxTownley had to grab two drinks after watching the video

15 750pxTravesura!

16 750pxThanks for getting the band together, Leo! And thanks, Black, for hosting the event. See you at the next premiere!


Watch Indy's No Meat Pies, No Glory! video here.

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