Jeremy Leabres Interview


Photo: Childress


Jeremy Leabres is a thoroughbred. He has suffered the worst injuries of any Toy Machine rider over the past few years and has never once complained. In fact, I’ve never heard him whine about anything in the seven years that I’ve known him. All he has done is worked his ass off to get back in the van with his family. He only wants to skate and nothing can stop him. Jeremy is your winning horse—always bet on Leabres.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this video? 

Just how sick it’s all going to be. I’ve seen everyone’s footage and I know Don is going to do a great job. I can’t wait to see Leo, Collin, CJ and the new guy Myles Willard. I know Myles has a lot of great stuff for this video. It’s going to be an epic one just knowing what everyone gave for it. 



The thoroughbred gallops through a wallie boardslide to fakie. This horse ain’t heading out to pasture anytime soon     Sequence: Karpinski


What about the OG crew? 

Like Billy Marks and Matt B? Of course I can’t wait to see what those guys have for the video. I’m really hyped to see what Matt B has. I think I’ve seen most of Billy’s stuff but I haven’t seen any of Matt’s footage, so I am looking forward to seeing his stuff, for sure. Always. 



What are your best memories filming for Programming Injection

Just being on the road all together is the best part. It’s where I want to be. 


Let’s talk about the psycho 74-day Programming Injection tour. 

Oh, it was amazing. I skated for the first 30 days. Then I hurt my knee and waited for two weeks to see if it was going to feel any better and it didn’t, so I flew home to get an MRI. I didn’t want to leave but I knew something didn’t feel right.


Leo was the only rider to make the entire 74 days. He wanted to go 100 days. 

That would have been sick.


How many days do you think the Toy Machine guys could actually handle it out on the road? 

If we are all healthy we could go all year, no problem. 


We just need to find a way to bring all of our dogs on the road for our next trip. 

Oh, man, that would rule. We need a pet-friendly hotel as a sponsor of our next trip. 


I’m on it. Speaking of our pets, you got a Basset Hound now? 

Yeah, Peaches. She’s awesome. 


Is Peaches a born hunter? 

I think she is supposed to hunt but she just hunts for treats around our house.


Does she ever help hunt for spots? 

Nope, just snacks. 


Do you ever step on her long ears by accident? 

No, she does that on her own. She trips over her own ears and topples over every day, straight face to the ground and slides for like three feet. 





Kickflip over a tiny motorbiker. Braap life is crazy, yo     Photo:  Karpinski


How is your mom doing? Is she still in law enforcement? 

Yeah, she is doing great now. She had to get heart surgery so she can only do desk work now. I know she would rather be out in the streets like me. 


When your mom was out in the streets, did she take it easy on skateboarders? 

Yeah, for sure. She would always take it easy on skateboarders and give them a break. She loves them. 


We need more like Mrs. Leabres out there. 

Oh yeah, for sure we do. 


What do you think Billy Marks is doing right now? 

He’s probably chilling, having a Bud Light, hanging with some homies.


That’s it? Did he get a clip today? 

Doubt it.




What is the best Billy Marks story you heard this year? 

Billy got a new sponsor. He is on Wienerschnitzel now. He’s got the black card for Wienerschnitzel. 


We’ve got to take him on all the tours now so he can cover our per diem. 

Oh hell yeah. 


As bad as I eat I have never eaten at Wienerschnitzel. 

I don’t believe you, Mike. 


I’m serious; I never have.

You are missing out. 


I hope Billy gets a signature hot dog. 

That would be one sketchy dog. 


Give me three reasons you are proud to ride for Toy Machine.

Best graphics, best team and best trips.



Striped socks, loading docks and front crooks on lock(s). Turn the light off when you leave, Jeremy     Photo: Karpinski


How about three things that everyone should know about Myles Willard? 

He’s one of the most naturally talented skaters I have ever skated with, he’s got positive vibes and he’s just a really sick human being and enjoyable to be around. He’s all around a sick-ass dude and I’m so stoked he is the new guy on Toy Machine. 


What’s the best Toy trip ever? 

The Programming Injection tour was the best trip for me even though I got hurt and had to leave early. We are all so much closer now and it just feels like a family when we are all out on the road. It’s the best shit ever. 


You know we got another Toy Machine video coming out in summer 2020. 

I didn’t know that but count me in. 


Let’s get another clip before the premiere.

That is all I can think about right now. 


Who is the best Toy Machine rider of the past that you wish you could bring back on tour. 

Bam Margera. I would be psyched to go on a trip with Bam, like, back-in-the-day Bam.


Pre-Jackass Bam?

Yeah, pre-Jackass Bam in the van, for sure. 



They say when one door closes… you wallride over that shit     Photo: Karpinski


You had so many major injures filming for this video and your part is incredible. What injures occurred while filming for Programming and how did you pull off such am amazing part? 

My first ACL tear was on my right leg in 2015. I was out for six months, went to rehab for five months after that, then I filmed for Emerica’s Made Chapter 2 and everything felt good. Two-and-a-half years later I tore my left ACL on a Toy Machine trip and then another six months later I tore my meniscus in my left knee on the Programming Injection trip. When I was under the knife for the meniscus repair I had my ankle cleaned up because it was giving me some problems as well. I’m skating again right now and hopefully that is all of my injures. That all happened over the last four years to me. I do appreciate the time off so I can meditate and think about a different approach with my skating. I don’t want to just put out the same part over and over. All of this time off has given me time to rethink what I want to do on my skateboard. 


Well, your part is amazing. 

I’m nervous to watch it. 


Just wait for the premiere; you will be stoked.

Thanks, Mike. That makes me feel better. 


Tell me about the rehab process with Dr. Dave. I heard he has an assembly line of the entire Tum Yeto teams at his practice. 

When we get in there they shock us up with the stems on whatever area we are hurting. Then we work out and Dr. Dave helps us out and give us tips on what will help us get back on our boards faster. I really enjoy going over there and he helps us out so much. Next Level Rehab helps us get back in the streets faster than I could ever do on my own. Dr. Dave really looks out for us. 


Who all is in rehab with you? 

It changes but the regulars are myself, Cole Wilson, Myles Willard, Daniel Lutheran and Aidan Campbell. 


What’s next for Jeremy Leabres. 

Get the knee back to 100 percent, stay healthy and keep filming, that’s about it really.


I’m stoked you are already back on your board again so fast. 

Yeah, me too. 


You got this, Jeremy. 

I’m going to do my best. 


Love you, Jeremy.

Love you too, Mike. 



Photo: Karpinski

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