Julian Davidson Goes Pro for Deathwish Photos

It's a little unprecedented to have a sponsor-switch party, but these aren't exactly precedented times, so every bit of extra stoke is greatly needed. When word got out that Julian was getting his first Deathwish board down at Rosie’s red curbs, the scene from Long Beach and beyond came out to celebrate. See who rolled through for Juju's big day, again! —Ben Karpinski

1 Julian Davidson DeathwishThe man of the hour arrives in style for what looks like a pretty blown-out session

2 Julian Davidson DeathwishKilla Cam came down from Monterey to make the ocassion

3 Julian Davidson DeathwishEverybody loves Juju

4 Julian Davidson DeathwishDakota Servold tailgates in the shade

5 Julian Davidson DeathwishDL to DL download. You guys never heard of WeTransfer?

6 Julian Davidson DeathwishTrendwatch 2020: The Dad 'Stache

7 Julian Davidson DeathwishOut of nowhere, we heard Lou Reed’s Street Hassle blaring as Andrew’s van pulled up

8 Julian Davidson DeathwishOh shit! Congrats, Julian!

9 Julian Davidson DeathwishEven better the second time you turn pro! Take it from Kevin

10 Julian Davidson Deathwish“I’ve always been a fan of Julian’s. Hyped to have him on Deathwish.”  —Andrew Reynolds

11 Julian Davidson DeathwishFamily can still hug, right?

12 Julian Davidson DeathwishOkay, so there might have been a few other hugs. It's a big family

13 Julian Davidson DeathwishJulian Davidson has a Deathwish!

14 Julian Davidson DeathwishRoman, seconds after congratulating Nick Garcia instead

15 Julian Davidson DeathwishChi-Town’s finest, Neen and Pat

16 Julian Davidson DeathwishBaker Boys check the fresh decks

17 Julian Davidson DeathwishThe Homies!

18 Julian Davidson DeathwishWhat kinda still-pro party would this be without some actual skating

19 Julian Davidson DeathwishTeammate Jon Dickson rips the red curb with a slappy front crook

20 Julian Davidson Deathwish “Imagine!”

21 Julian Davidson DeathwishNick Garcia makes dreams a reality for The Boss

22 Julian Davidson DeathwishThen he goes straight from the grass to snapping over the whole pad

23 Julian Davidson DeathwishZach follows him up with a backside 180, Sean Sheffey style

24 Julian Davidson DeathwishWho needs a sequence? A still of Spanky's proper frontside flip into a switch manual is worth a thousand frames

25 Julian Davidson DeathwishAndrew Reynolds hops into a fakie flip switch manny for @vansskate

26 Julian Davidson DeathwishThanks for organizing, Jay

27 Julian Davidson DeathwishAll in all I’d say it was a great turnout. Congrats again, Juju! Can’t wait to skate your new board
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