King of the Road Profiles




Eric Koston
Follow on instagram @EricKoston 

aka: Sparkles, Froston, Cock

Age: 36

Hometown: Los Angeles

Status:  pro

Sponsors: Nike, Girl, Indy, Spitfire, Fourstar

KOTR experience: 2003 with e'S, 2004 with Girl, 2010 with Nike (winner) - Most KOTRs ever.

Strengths: SOTY '96, 15K + followers, entrepreneur, finest street skater of his generation

Weaknesses: GG Allin, Instagram beef, willing to go on KOTR a fourth fucking time

Verdict: Bite it, you scum

shane_OnneillShane O'Neill
Follow on instagram @ShaneJOneill 

aka: Nugget

Age:  20

Hometown: Melbourne

Status:  pro

Sponsors: Nike, Skate Mental, Fourstar, Thunder, Spitfire, CCS, FKD, Diamond, Monster Energy Drink

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: child prodigy, internet phenom, tech wizardry

Weaknesses: vert?

Verdict: ledge dancing with the stars


Grant-1Grant Taylor
Follow on instagram @DownSouthInHell 

aka: GT

Age: 19

Hometown: Atlanta

Status: pro

Sponsors: Nike, Alien Workshop, Volcom, Independent, Stratosphere, Spitfire, Modus

KOTR experience: 2010 with Nike (winner), best transition trick

Strengths: the concrete curve, critical fave, Skate and Destroy attitude

Weaknesses: explosives

Verdict: SOTY front runner


IshodIshod Wair
Follow on instagram @ishod 

aka: Ishod

Age:  19

Hometown: Philly

Status: am

Sponsors: Nike, Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Fourstar, Reign Skate Shop, Anthony's Cookies, Stance Socks, Monster Energy Drink

KOTR experience: 2010 with Nike (winner)

Strengths: True East, rails, stairs, ledges, tranny,
                                                                   manuals, etc.

Weaknesses: patience to learn new moves

Verdict: pro by 2012

Cory-KCory Kennedy
Follow on instagram @CoryKennedy 

aka: CK-1

Age: 23

Hometown: Lake Stevens, WA

Status: pro

Sponsors: Nike, Girl, RVCA, Spitfire, Royal

KOTR experience: 2010 with Nike (winner)

Strengths: spines, the Merlin spin, family fortune

Weaknesses: stony baloney

Verdict: win or lose, he's still rich

bob_reynolds2Bob Reynolds
Team Manager

aka: Fat Bob

Age: 37

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Status: sales rep turned TM

KOTR experience: part of a challenge with Zero team in '05

Strengths: flatground, networking

Weaknesses: buffets, first-time TM

Verdict: anchor man

jason_hernandezJason Hernandez
Follow on instagram @HeyFilmThis 

aka: hey film this

Age: 31

Hometown: Los Angeles

Status: lifer

KOTR experience: 2010 with Nike (winner)

Strengths: DIY or die, Thrasher tattoo

Weaknesses: rocks and cracks

Verdict: Scorsese

rhinoChris Rooney
Follow on instagram @rtbftr78 

aka: Rhino

Age: old enough

Hometown: San Diego

Status: Indy TM

KOTR experience: 2007 with Black Label, 2010 with Nike (winner)

Strengths: girth, pools, always down

Weaknesses: Trackers

Verdict: beer helmet

scuba_steveSteve Chalme
Second angle
Follow on instagram @_Scuba_Steve

aka: Scuba

Age: 29

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

Status: between gigs

KOTR experience: 2003 with e'S

Strengths: waiting on PJ

Weaknesses: names of vert tricks

Verdict: sitting long lens


guy_marianoGuy Mariano

aka: Gamo

Hometown: Los Angeles

Age:  35

Status:  pro

Sponsors: Lakai, Girl, Royal, Fourstar, Spitfire

KOTR experience: none, but he's seen the videos

Strengths: veteran status, appeared in Video Days, pools, that tech shit

Weaknesses: KOTR newcomer

Verdict: Fully Flared

mjMarc Johnson

aka: MJ

Age:  34

Hometown: Los Angeles

Status:  pro

Sponsors: Lakai, Chocolate, Thunder, Matix, Spitfire, Bones Swiss

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: ledge, flatground, rails, tenaciousness

Weaknesses: the unbearable lightness of being

Verdict: complete control

espinozaDaniel Espinoza

aka: Spinach

Age: 20

Hometown: Los Angeles

Status: am

Sponsors: Lakai, Cliche, Autobahn, Utility

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: rails, ledges, stairs

Weaknesses: corn on the cob

Verdict: milf bait

alvarezVincent Alvarez

aka: Vin-sanity

Age: 23

Hometown: Los Angeles

Status: pro

Sponsors: Lakai, Chocolate, Spitfire, Royal, Utility

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: ATV shredder, PMA

Weaknesses: picking a stance

Verdict: MVP

mikemo_capaldiMikemo Capaldi
Follow on instagram@_MikeMo 

aka: Mo

Age: 21

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

Status: pro

Sponsors: Lakai, Girl, Royal, Spitfire, Matix, Mob, Bones Swiss, Skatelab

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: ledge, social media, already whooped Benny Fairfax

Weaknesses: ankles, doesn't know he's going yet

Verdict: Popular Page

sam_smythSam Smyth
Team Manager
Follow on instagram @Samsklub 

aka: Mac Res

Age: 35

Hometown: San Francisco

Status:  Embarco's Most Blunted alumn, in good standing

KOTR experience: 2004 with Girl

Strengths: motivational speaker, well-groomed

Weaknesses: sandwiches, street life

Verdict: "I really need you guys to focus."

Ryan_LovellRyan Lovell

aka: Ryan

Age: 25

Hometown: Kansas City

Status:  Malto's buddy

KOTR experience: 2010 with Etnies

Strengths: Gatorade loves his work

Weaknesses: no Malto in the van

Verdict: taking it for the team

joe_brookJoe Brook
Follow on instagram @PhotoJoeBrook 

aka: Fat Back

Age: 38

Hometown: San Francisco

Status: road dog

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: PMA, teetotaler, girth

Weaknesses: ice cream

Verdict: big black and blue

mezaAaron Meza
Second angle
Follow on instagram @Crailtap 

aka: The Mez

Age: 38

Hometown: Daly City, CA

Status: rad dad, blogger

KOTR experience: 2004 with Girl

Strengths: master director, a hugger

Weaknesses: empty carbs, hasn't set up a new board in 9 years

Verdict: backseat driver


chad_tim_timChad Tim-Tim
Follow on instagram @7im7im 

aka: Slim-Slim

Age: 29

Hometown: Long Beach

Status:  pro

Sponsors: Dekline, Element, Aerial L7, Active

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: switch, ledge, rails, The Lord

Weaknesses: no funny business

Verdict: Mr. Clean

matt_bennettMatt Bennett

aka: Matt B

Age: 25

Hometown: Corona, CA

Status: pro

Sponsors: Dekline, Toy Machine, Pig, Ambig, Mob, Furnace

KOTR experience: 2006 with Toy Machine

Strengths: Bennett grinds, laid back vibes

Weaknesses: vert, pool, social media, steady girl so no milfs

Verdict: Nah, nah...

nick_merlinoNick Merlino

aka: Dick Burrito

Age: 23

Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ

Status: am

Sponsors: Dekline, Foundation, Pig, Neff, Mob, Krux

KOTR experience: never heard of it

Strengths: everything, pretty much

Weaknesses: social graces

Verdict: no brains, no headache

dakota_servoldDakota Servold

aka: Dakota

Age: 18

Hometown: Temecula, CA

Status: am

Sponsors: Dekline, Foundation, Bones, Active

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: rails

Weaknesses: 4:20

Verdict: quadruple kink

ryan_spencerRyan Spencer

aka: Spencer

Age: 22

Hometown: Long Beach

Status: am

Sponsors: Dekline, Foundation, Pig, Super Brand

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: ATV, photography

Weaknesses: accident prone

Verdict: make or break

mike_sinclairMike Sinclair
Team Manager
Follow on instagram @Carmelcreeper 

aka: Little Playa

Age: 39

Hometown: Encinitas, CA

Status:  ex-pro, nine jobs, underdog

KOTR experience: logistics for Zero 2004-2007

Strengths: prank calls, talkin' shit

Weaknesses: dice, snacks, "Martin" re-runs

Verdict: "Get back up there, dummy!"

jared_lucasJared Lucas
Follow on instagram @JaredLucas 

aka: Luknasty

Age: 28

Hometown: Encinitas, CA

Status:  moonlighting Bones TM

KOTR experience: zilch

Strengths: master lensmen, PMA

Weaknesses: rookie

Verdict: taking it for the team

dan_zDan Zaslavsky

aka: Dan Z

Age: 28

Hometown: Boston

Status:  ex-Hubba photog

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: multiple flashes, ping-pong

Weaknesses: "Bachinsky already did it."

Verdict: Sleeper Cell

tim_cisilinoTim Cisilino
Second angle
Follow on instagram @TimCisilino 

aka: Tucson Tim

Age: 22

Hometown: Tucson

Status: hella hungry

KOTR experience: nada

Strengths: up all night

Weaknesses: Facebook

Verdict: the facilitator



tony_trujilloTony Trujillo

aka: TNT

Age:  29

Hometown: San Francisco

Status:  pro

Sponsors: Vans, Anti-Hero, Spitfire, Independent, Fourstar

KOTR experience: 2003 with Deluxe (winner)

Strengths: SOTY 2002, ATV ripper, veteran status

Weaknesses: knives, Bad Shit

Verdict: Onward to battle

elijah_berleElijah Berle

aka: Elijah

Age: 14-19

Hometown: Malibu, CA

Status: am

Sponsors: Vans, Chocolate, Independent, Spitfire

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: grinding up rails, ollies, etc.

Weaknesses: cigs, very impressionable

Verdict: KOTR crusher

daniel_lutheranDaniel Lutheran
Follow on instagram @RaisedByCoyotes 

aka: Dan Lu

Age: 22

Hometown: Albuquerque

Status: am

Sponsors: Vans, Toy Machine, Independent,Insight, Stance, Pig, Ashbury, Beach Zone

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: PMA, ATV, 100+ naked girls on his phone

Weaknesses: tweest

Verdict: "Oh, for sure!"

johnny_laytonJohnny Layton
Follow on instagram @JohnnyLayton 

aka: Big Boy

Age: 25

Hometown: Murrieta, CA

Status: pro

Sponsors: Vans, Toy Machine, Pig, Theeve, Mob, Bones Swiss, Furnace

KOTR experience: 2003 with Tumyeto, 2006 with Toy Machine

Strengths: switch tres, mass power

Weaknesses: hypochondria

Verdict: MVP

GilbertCrockettGilbert Crockett

aka: Crockett

Age: 22

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Status: pro

Sponsors: Vans, Alien, Independent, Spitfire, Dominion

KOTR experience: none, but he did ride for Jamie Thomas once

Strengths: mad pop, tech, rails, PMA

Weaknesses: bad video skits

Verdict: fun, fun, fun

griffin_collins2Griffin Collins
Team manager
Follow on instagram @TheGrifDog 

aka: Prof. Grif

Age: 28

Hometown: Long Beach

Status: ex-Howe model, movie star, Birdhouse am

KOTR experience: team manager for Toy Machine in 2006

Strengths: nose slides, funny talkin', Instagrapplin'

Weaknesses: The Skate Book

Verdict: Make it or naked

cody_greenCody Green
Follow on instagram @CodyGreen 

aka: King of the Roady

Age: 23

Hometown: Canton, OH

Status: Berrics survivor

KOTR experience: none

Strengths: mentored by Greg Hunt, can be drawn in three movements of the pen

Weaknesses: first time as team leader

Verdict: milf slayer

hammekeJoe Hammeke
Follow on instagram @Ham_N_Cheese 

aka: Ham n Cheese

Age: 39

Hometown: Tempe, AZ

Status: evil Bobby Hill

KOTR experience: 2010 with C1rca

Strengths: flexibility, madonnas, can bribe team with Ergo sponsorship

Weaknesses: shorts, stories about old 151 team riders the kids have never heard of

Verdict: Backin' it!

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