King of the Road 2015: Pink Motel Awards Show Photos

Jello shots, Grindline the Band, Nyjah Huston and Jason Jessee – this awards show had it all.


01"Yeah, we have a pool but, you know, it hasn't been filled within two years… you guys can do anything in there you want to do if you want."  

02Two peas in a pod, Schmitty and Sally Vitello

03The man behind the men of Chocolate, Aaron Meza

04Party favors

05Locked and loaded

06The Beagles

07Dem Tum Yeto boys showed up. Dakota, ready to rip

08The World's Best Margarita Machine. Beagle showed up early to mix over 100 of these icy delights!

09Chad Muska no longer in a Cadillac? Global warming is real AF!

10Priuskalade? Na, na—bring back the Muskalade!

11Long time buds, Muska and Danny Minnick

12Peter Ramondetta and Jake Anderson, AKA Janderson

13Legendary SOTYs, Tony Hawk and Mike Carroll

14More SOTYs, Bob Burnquist and Chris Cole with the Phelper

15Jason Jessee and Nyjah raced for pinks. Jason won

16Thrasher masterlensman, Rhino and family

17Baker boys, Doughnut and T-Funk

18Pool's open!

19CJ Collins shredding, front feeble in the deep end

20Diego Alvarado, eggplant

21Tony Hawk! Invert

22Dressen and Jessee

23Neckface, Nuge and Collin waiting for Beagle's bar to open

24Chill out!

25Future ripper Ansel Hammeke and his momma

26Nyjah and Hawk

27Ed and Deanna Templeton with Thrasher’s Editor at Large and King of the Road creator, Mike Burnett  

28Phelps introducing Mark Hubbard of Grindline the Band

29Dan Wheatley and Manchild

30Bad Boy Clint Walker and Ben Raybourn

31Cheers from Tommy Sandoval. Those best be Micheladas!

32The legendary Guy Mariano with the reigning SOTY, AVE!   

33Don Brown and Justin Strubing

34Watch out, TMZ! Jereme Rogers gettin' turnt again

35Matt Anderson, gettin' licked

36Big Wheat and Blake Carpenter, teamwork

37Long time Chocoholic, Justin Eldridge

38Axel Cruysberghs, Johnny Jones and Raven Tershy

39Evan Smith, fighting for his right to party

40Elemental buds, Dominick Walker and Nyjah

41Tony Tave

42Jake Anderson, Burnquist and Dylan Radloff

43Kyle Walker with his main squeeze

44Chad Muska, presenting the Where The Fuck Is The Muska? award for biggest handrail. “Where the fuck is the Muska? I’m right here!”

45...and the Where The Fuck Is The Muska? award for biggest handrail goes to Axel Cruysberghs!

46Antihero alumni Bob Burnquist up next to present the Bob Gnar award for gnarliest transition trick

47And the award goes to Elijah Berle for the footplant off the wall at Red’s

48That wasn’t the only highest/longest/most from the visit to Red’s. Raven won the Hall Of Meat award for his motorbike mishap

49Jaqueena from Staples Center fame was brought out to teach twerking lessons

50Jaws, Johnny Jones and Forrest—to the stage

51Shake that ass, Forrest!

52Mike Sinclair and Billy Marks trying to catch as many tater tots as possible in the Hungry Hungry Hippos event

53Chocolate TM Sam Smyth enjoying a Beaglerita

54Then a surprise announcement from the Tempster

55Axel Cruysberghs is officially on Toy Machine!

56The next event was somewhat reminiscent of The Newlywed Game

57Tony Hawk and Mike Carroll were quizzed on trivial information about their KOTR team riders

58Wrong answers were met with a force-fed doughnut from the hands of Andy Roy.  Don’t worry; the Tempster was fed vegan doughnuts

59Then a vengeful game of throwing tomatoes (and whatever else anyone could find) at Clint Walker on the spinning wheel

60 Sinclair even got in a few hucks

61This took some balls of steel to trust that no one was going to throw anything other than fruit. Pretty sure a beer bottle was the first thing thrown from the crowd…

62“This one’s for Raven!”

63Coming in at close range

64“Get me off of here!”

65The shots kept coming even while he was being taken down

66 Andy Roy returned to the stage covered in shaving cream to present the Mystery Guest MVP award to Sherm

67 Only five minutes prior, Jereme was in a fit of rage, trying to fight the entire Chocolate team. It's amazing what an award can do to offset a mood swing

68Elijah Berle earned the Team Rider MVP award. No shit if you've been watching the episodes


70 With two MVPs, could Chocolate be in the lead?

71 "You guys wanna know who fuckin' won the trophy?!"

72The crowd in full suspense

73 The cover is revealed

74 Forrest is floored

75Fuck everybody!


77Champagne waterfall with Walker and Hawk


79Birdhouse does it again! See you back on the road in a few months

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