King of the Road Season 2: Premiere Photos

Season 2 of Thrasher’s King of the Road starts Thursday on Viceland, but if you were lucky enough to be in Hollywood and get the invite, there was a sneak preview last night. This year is going to be even heavier, and to quote KOTR creator Michael Burnett, “This year every team tried really really hard.” After watching the episode, that was more than apparent—full of the ridiculous challenges on and off the board that KOTR is famous for. Each of the teams accomplished things they never thought were possible. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxThe Vista Theater on Sunset BLVD

02 750pxEwan Bowman wires up KOTR host Andy Roy. “Feel free to put your hand in my pocket”

03 750pxAndy Roy…

04 750px…rolling out…

05 750px…the red carpet

06 750pxMystery guest for Enjoi, Samarria Brevard, and her boo…

07 750px…were immediately interrogated by Andy about the trials and tribulations of KOTR

08 750pxViceland filmer and skateboarding media legend Rick Kosick. Rick’s crew was with the Enjoi team this year

09 750pxAndy sees the Deathwish team approaching…

10 750px…and jumps out of the bushes, shocking Neen Williams’ girlfriend, Jess

11 750pxLet’s get some interviews!

12 750pxDeathwish TM Jay Thorpe and Neen Williams get the red-carpet treatment

13 750pxJake Hayes on what it’s like to be Australian

14 750pxKader Sylla, Dalton Newbury, Marco DeLeo and Seven Strong, the future of skateboarding is lookin' good

15 750pxKader takes the role of youth spokesman

16 750pxWhile Creature’s Sean Conover has his dog Tegan answer his questions

17 750pxLast year’s KOTR Toy Machine team rookie, Axel Crysberghs, reaches out to admire Andy’s slick hairdo

18 750pxRyan Townley, Ant Travis, Joey Ragali, Daniel Vargas and Alex Papke

19 750pxDaniel Vargas and his lady get cornered

20 750pxSamarria getting that Instagram photo handled

21 750pxKOTR creator Michael Burnett introduces the next episode

22 750pxIt’s on!

23 750pxFull of baffling challenges

24 750pxChocolate’s Kenny Anderson and Roger Bagley of The Nine Club

25 750pxAfterwards, the crowd spilled onto Sunset Blvd

26 750pxFrankie Heck gives it two thumbs up

27 750pxIf you’ve seen a Bronson video, these guys filmed it: Gavin Denike and Dan Stolling

28 750pxSteve Hernandez and his vote for who’s gonna win

29 750pxLenoce approved

30 750pxDeathwish head honcho Erik Ellington and KCDC’s Amy Gunther

31 750pxOf course Andy’s gonna get Ellington on the mic

32 750pxEpicly Later'd and Thrasher alumn Pat O’dell has a few ideas for next year’s challenges

33 750pxKOTR power trio: Viceland’s Lauren Cynamon, Antihero’s Andy Roy, and Thrasher’s Michael Burnett

34 750pxAfter party at Black Hollywood, Ant Travis and Beagle front and center

35 750pxBethany Black pours a Chelada

36 750px “It’s the Flaming Hot Cheetos of beer.” —Neckface

37 750pxPhotos for the upcoming Thrasher magazine article were hung on the walls. Ant Travis and Ed Duff laugh at Andy Roy in a hula skirt

38 750pxLast call and Desiree Moore grabs a photo of the Enjoi team off the wall. Thanks to all the teams and everybody showed up to the premier—and thanks Thrasher for the free bar tab! Tune in Thursday for Episode one on Viceland. Thrasher webisodes start next Tuesday and, as always, are free
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