Larb Fest III Photos

Check out some photos from the Larb's festivities last weekend. Thanks to Monster for helping make this happen.


Photos: Jordan Joseffer



There were pre Larb Fest sessions all week. I caught a little bit of one in this gnarly pit


CR boneless

Chris Russell warmed up with a boneless



Chris Cope, eggplant


ChrisRussel fsInvert

Chris Russel backs him up with a frontside invert. Look out for more from the pre sessions next week on the CreachTube



With rain looming, the official Larb Fest session was moved to Marginal Way



The decks were packed and the session was on



Chris Russell, frontside feeble



The Cauldron is always ready for any situation



Zorched Realm set up on the deck and kept the session going





Then everyone headed over to the Black Lodge to check out the zines and blow out their eardrums



Sizzle Pie fed everyone



Inebriator opened up the show



Sam holding down the zine alter



Of Corpse



Lost Bombers went on and the whole room turned into a pit





Valdur drove up from Mammoth Lakes and stepped up the intensity levels





Lefty kept the pit going all night



Then it was time for your favorite skater's favorite band, Grindline the Band





Bloody tears and good times!

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