Limosine's "Toes Down" Photo Feature

20 MANGO AND MAX GUA SHA Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500
It was a warm mid-August morning in Northeast Los Angeles. The Limosine crew assembled to embark on their first trip as a company operation. The plan was to pack in tight and drive up to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The crew started off ten deep in a jet-black Sprinter van. It came fully equipped with limo tint and two TVs. This was the closest we could get to riding in an actual limousine. Along the way, we jumped off bridges, swam in rivers and cut up the local crust while clocking smiles and miles up the coast. Check out some of the most memorable scenes from two weeks on the road.

Words and photos by Kris Burkhardt

1 NELLY WATERGUN Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Not even an hour out of LA and Nelly already had the squirt gun out

2 KARIM KICKFLIP EUGENE Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500The first spot we checked was a rail across state lines in Eugene, Oregon. Karim kickflipped it with ease, despite a pack of harsh townies in his path

4 MAX HIPPY JUMP 5050 EUGENE Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Then we got to this asphalt ski jump and Max got this hippie jump to grind. Check the mag to see what Cyrus snagged

5 SANTINO KARIM NELLY EUGENESantino, Karim and Nelly were stoked to get the hell out of Eugene

6 KARIM FINGERBOARD Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Karim even got tricks in the van

7 NELLY KICKFLIP PORTLAND Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500First stop in Portland was the famed Courts. Nelly boosts a kickflip

8 CYRUS FS FLIP PORTLAND Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Cyrus kept it going with this frontside flip

9 MAX LOSI PORTLANDThe Courts are great, but we had to get a taste of the Portland streets. First spot was this bank to wall where Max threw out a Losi grind

10 SANTINO 180 GRIND PORTLAND Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Santino follows up with a 180 grind

11 CYRUS KICKFLIP NOSE PORTLANDAnd Cyrus ended the session with a proper kickflip noseslide

12 MAX NOLLIE 180 PORTLAND Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Max, nollie 180. Shoutout, Emile and Brass

13 MAX RECOVERY Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Rainier icepack for Max, post double set

14 CYRUS CROOK DIYCyrus goes coast to coast with a crook at this fun little DIY

15 SUNSET AT DIY Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500And we soaked in the sunset before moving on

16 JBOY FRONT FLIP Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500We needed a skate break the next day. Our fearless driver J-Boy led the way with a front flip into the healing waters of the Pacific Northwest

17 JBOY LAUNCHING NELLY Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Nelly rolled her ankle on day three, so she was swimming every chance she got—as seen here flying off J-Boy’s shoulders

18 CYRUS BUMP TO GRINDBack in it, Cyrus grinds across a sketchy bump to rail onto a weird pillar

19 PARKING LOT CREWAnd some Frogs linked up for the day

21 MAX FRONT NOSE TO STREET Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500After more beer-can ice therapy, Max was healthy enough for this front nose to the street

22 MEDIA CREWLogan and Mettz review the clip

23 CREW AT YAUGERHeading north, we made a pit stop at Yauger park on the way to Seattle

24 CYRUS KICKFLIP YAUGER Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Cyrus blessed the locals with this golden-hour kickflip

25 KARIM KICKFLIP 5050Karim puts down a kickflip 50-50 in Seattle

26 HUGO WALLIE Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Hugo went with a wallie to the parking lot

27 CYRUS GRIND UP TACOMA Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500And Cyrus got on his Leo Romero shit—grind up in Tacoma

28 AARON SW JAM TACOMA Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Aaron Loreth, switch pole jam

29 HUGO WALLIE BS TAIL Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Back on the walls, Hugo goes wallie back tail before slamming straight to his back

30 HUGO BROKE OFF Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Hugo, post front flip

31 HUGO FSO CHANNEL MARGINAL Limo PNW Burkhardt 1500Then we had a mandatory stop at Marginal Way. A sore Hugo soars a FSO over the channel

32 CYRUS LIPSLIDE DUMPSTERAnd Cyrus closes out the trip with a hefty lipslide on a Seattle dumpster

33 GROUP PICThat’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone that helped along the way! Now go watch all the good times here
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