Long Beach Push for Peace Protest Photos

With all the controversy in the world right now, and all the brutality and injustice towards the black community, we skaters demonstrated one of the many peaceful solutions to protecting the black body and expressing how valuable the black body is! We roll together because we need people to unite. We set an example for others who might not see this community the way we see it and the way it’s supposed to be—the righteous fun-loving expression that keeps us together but also individually stimulated. "Fuck the police" is an understatement, we also need to stay connected, together around the world, spreading this message and love to everyone. We’ll teach, remind and show by example that we’re not going for that police brutality shit for anyone—most importantly our black brothers and sisters! The black body is equal and golden! —Kevin White

Photos and captions by Alex Papke

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 1It was a given that the skaters of Long Beach would come out from quarantine for this one

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 2A man of good nose manuals and even better signs, Bobby Bils, everyone

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 3Thrasher Dan and Ethan Loy came out to support 

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 4Best believe Boo J was gonna come out to support in his town

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 5John Dilo doesn’t fuck with racism

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 6And neither does Thomas Dritsas

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 7Hell, even ABC showed up 

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 8Goes without saying

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 9Listen to Kevin White

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 10John Gardner, all for equality

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 11And the two-mile skate down Ocean Blvd begins

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 12K White and Jack Curtin, all smiles 

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 13Safe to say we took over the street

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 14The message was clear 

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 15And finally, everyone's favorite hill

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 16Beach bikers weren’t even mad this time around

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 17Boards, bikes or skates, everyone on wheels came out to support the movement

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 18Pretty clear that skaters across the board are all sick and tired of police brutality

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 19No better feeling than a successful non-violent protest

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 20Get back up there for one more time down

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 21Long Beach shows strength in numbers 

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 22Despite having a broken ankle, Dylan Christopher made it out with his other half Cierra Xavier to say Breonna Taylor's name. Keep pushing however you can to bring justice for Breonna and so many others

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 23All lives don’t matter until black lives matter, easy as that

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 24Heavy Minnesota vibes from DLX boys Tim Fulton and Davis Torgerson. And of course, their new dude Mason Silva's creeping in the back

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 25Not to mention, live music was waiting at the top of the hill by the time we made it up

PushForPeace photoPAPKE 26All in all, it was an amazing turnout for a great cause. Racism has no place in the world, and that goes for skateboarding as well. Change doesn’t come overnight, so thank you to everyone that showed up and made your voices heard. We gotta fight these corrupt institutions together.
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