"Lotties Skateshop Must Be Stopped" Premiere Photos

This past Thursday we had a super small showing for close friends to see the new Lotties video. The theater was kinda overkill, but I wanted to have the people who worked real hard on the shit they filmed get the opportunity to see their efforts on a big screen instead of a fucking phone, even if it was just once. Fifty-five seats in a theater get filled super quick, so my apologies for any friends who didn’t make it, and thanks to the friends who were able to come watch. Obviously if you’re reading this, you’ve already clicked on the video, you weren’t satisfied, and you needed some more content to check out. Our apologies! Here is some more junk from the drawer to click through. If you’re still not entertained, please come by the Lotties. I will do whatever I can to make it up to you. —Daniel Wheatley


lotties prem 1 750pxHow picturesque, a little video premiere in the quaint Los Feliz neighborhood

lotties prem 2 750pxTickets, nerves

lotties prem 3 750pxOur prince, Nick Michel, receiving a deserved punch in the face

lotties prem 4 750pxPre-show hype: Sully Cardenas, AA, Mike G, Frank Mare, Dog Walker

lotties prem 5 750pxNobody wants to be the first person to walk in the theater. You’re an instant kook if you go in first, much to my dismay :(

lotties prem 6 750px"What’s the ticket for?" I will give you one guess

lotties prem 7 750pxLev Tanju, Charlie Young, Eli Berle, Danny Brady, Logan Lara, Calvin Reboya, Cody and Christina all delaying the premiere. Skaters hate to sit down when they are told to do so

lotties prem 8 750pxDamn, Rowan showed up. My anxiety was not happy about this, but the rest of me was.

lotties prem 9 750pxIt’s Ako, you fool!

lotties prem 10 750pxTwo video gods, Logan Lara and Aaron Meza. Meza has a psycho crush on Logan. He was really bummed when Logan quit Girl, and then had to deal with me instead. Logan’s shoes were impossible to fill. I’m sorry Meza; I will never be Logan.

lotties prem 11 750pxJay Bone in the house. Jay puts my nerves at ease. He’s very warm and not judgmental. Unlike my old boss, Meza. I’m not a free spirit, Meza, get over it!

lotties prem 12 750pxWhen skate trends get in the way of your life hack

lotties prem 13 750pxFull house! Who are those girls? We specifically said no girlfriends on the flyer

lotties prem 14 750pxSpanky and AA, fine as hell.

lotties prem 15 750pxMike said some really nice words. I remember saying some stuff that wasn’t as good

lotties prem 16 750pxFrog skateboards riders Frankie Decker and Chris Milic on the floor. I’m sorry, guys

lotties prem 17 750pxAnd then it was over. I wish more people would yell and get crazy at premieres. I would say David Clark got the most applause

lotties prem 18 750pxMike G and Nick Michel. As Figgy said to me the other day, “If he’s got two first names, you know he’s going to be good”

lotties prem 19 750pxTwo of ATL’s finest, Ryan Flynn and David Clark. David was nervous as hell

lotties prem 20 750pxNick and Frankie Decker. Both of their dads skate. They have seriously been skating since they were semen. You can tell when you see them skate

lotties prem 25 750pxLotties employees Chris, Eric, and Louie <3

lotties prem 27 750pxJerry, Spanky, Danny Brady, J-Lay and the rest of the crowd doing the typical wait-to-see-what-everyone-else-is-doing thing

lotties prem 31 750pxReady or Not… let’s go to the bar. Jk, I’m going home. I am exhausted and boring

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