"One Year with the Louie Shoe" Event Photos

I’ve been a contributing photographer for Thrasher coming for almost a decade, but I got my start in the skateboard industry working at Furnace skateshop (somehow I’ve still managed to hold on to my Thursday shift). When the owner Randy got the call from Cons inviting him to fly out to New York to celebrate the one year anniversary of Louie’s shoe, he had to politely decline. Partly because the shop is so busy but mostly due to the fact that he has a one-year-old baby at home and couldn’t justify partying for three days in NYC. That’s where I come in. I was on the road for over 100 days last year, mostly with the Tum Yeto guys. I’m normally lucky if I score a couch at a filmer’s house in the Midwest, so having an all-expenses-paid trip to NYC seemed too good to be true. Fun fact: this was the first time in my adult life that I had a hotel room all to myself. —Ben Karpinski

1.Skyline RooftopView from the William Vale

2 Max FishFirst stop of the trip was Max Fish. No NYC blog post would be complete without paying homage

4 RebelMaticHeard some good hardcore music coming from the basement and it turned out to be Rebelmatic

5 FuckYourRacistGrandmaGotta find one of those “Fuck your racist Grandma” tees

6 RowanRowan was in town for his own shoe party the night before. Maybe this is the new normal?

7 Marc Rob TabRob Collins closing out the “Chuck Taylor” tab with Marc Razo

10 Pedi CrewEver hear of athletes foot? The key accounts were treated to pedicures

12 Mike AtlasMike from Atlas wasn’t about to be all basic with clear polish—color is the way to go

14 ShopTalkThen it was over to the new Cons park for a private session before the party started

15 Nesser KickflipIn the skate shop owners who rip category, Steve Nesser is the gold standard

16 FamilaClose friends, Steve and Dennis from Familia 

17 Elias WallieNoseElias Bingham from No Comply wallies up to nose

18 Matty CCS 5050Matt Jones—aka Viper—from CCS with a hefty 50-50

19 Mike Atlas BsTailMike from Atlas has a beautiful back tail

20 Mike Atlas PoleJamThat pedicure must have paid off cause Mike was ripping all night

21 Aaron FsBluntAaron Herrington taking advantage of the spacious wheel wells with a frontside blunt

22 Alexis KickflipConverse’s star, Alexis Sablone catches the perfect kickflip

23 Jake Sw5 0180First time seeing Jake Johnson skate in person was as magical as I’d expect. Thanks for the switch 5-0 180, you unicorn

24 Jake NollieHeelThen he just flat out spoiled us with one hell of a nollie heelflip!

25 Cromer HeelflipBrad Cromer blasts his own take on the heelflip

26 Frank QuimEast coast legends, Quim Cardona and Frank Gerwer of Thrasher Radio season two fame

28 Trent DJThe Southwest skate scene wouldn’t be the same without them. Trent from Cowtown and DJ Chavez from Kingswell

29 MAnderson UpNosebluntMike Anderson has one of the most graceful noseblunts ever—no exception on this low-to-high maneuver

30 OpenBarWhat's a New York skate event without some heated debate by the open bar?

31 Louie TacoTruckThe man of the hour taking advantage of the taco truck, celbrating a year well done

32 Louie FsOllieThat burrito didn’t slow him down at all. FSO with a food baby

33 Louie BsOllieNausea be damned, he goes backside too!

34 Cyrus PivotFakieCyrus Bennett still giving out his phone number when he pivot fakies

35 Mackey BarkerConverse’s Scott Mackey and Mike Barker of Popwar and Element fame

36 TheoriesTheories family, Jahmal Williams and Josh Stewart, with the best smiles in the house

37 NikStain FsCrookNik Stain was hauling ass all over the park and front crooking the whole box

38 MikeAnderson SkierJamMike Anderson preps for his Better-Off-Dead-style ski-off every year just hoping someone would race him

39 Raney Russ LeeCover boy, Raney Beres, along with the homies Russ and Lee

40 Raney BsAirRaney practically going through the roof

41 Raney InvertOne of the most properly stalled sad plants I have ever seen—maybe I should send the photo to Rattray

42 ShoesThe shoes that made my first solo stay in a hotel room possible

43 LouieHere’s to another good year from one of the best out. Congrats, Louie! Thanks for the epic weekend, Converse!

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