New Balance's "Tinto De Verano" Screening Photos

By now you must have seen New Balance’s Divide and Conquer article in the new mag, so you know that the team split in two to fully take advantage of every spot Spain had to offer. With half the team not knowing what the other half did, the powers that be invited everyone to the office for the very first screening. —Ben Karpinski



Walked in to see Chad Tim Tim hanging out with the newest addition to the Brown family



Alexis and PJ, still a Wonderful Horrible Life



J-Tay down but not out



Zack and Marquise



Tyler made the drive from SD



The Tim Tims



The LRG Alumni came out to support Jack. Wait, is that Claravall stateside?



Did I mention there was pizza?



Antoine and the Jordans



PJ and Franky



Noodles Villani



Found the 508 crew out back



Along with a couple of Aussies: Lawton and Gabbers



Garrett of GimmeSmoreCookies made sure everyone saved room for dessert



Tom K and Christina ready for the video



Projected right on the back wall of the office



Next stop:



The camera crew: Arto, Stolling, Messina and Russell



The whole crew killed it. You don’t want to miss this video

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