NHS x Skate Warehouse Demo

A heavy crew of NHS team riders assembled this past weekend at the San Luis Obispo Skatepark for the Frankenshred Skate Warehouse demo. The Doppler said rain but the sun shined and the new SLO skatepark got lit up. Thanks to everyone that came out for an epic day!  —Rhino

1Early morning warmups

2 Louie Barletta starts off the demo with a front blunt

3Roman Pabich, fastplant over a large channel

4Alex Perelson tosses up a lien in the big bowl

5 Curren and Omar

6Josh Borden, always checking the waves

7Borden and Dressen

8Caswell, crunt slider  Photo: Keith Wilson

9Some Tilt Mode activity on the sidelines

10 Eric D, oververt  Photo: Keith Wilson

11 Omar giving the young guns some guidance

12Curren, always taking time out for the fans

13Guzman nosegrinds

14Louie and Nordberg

15Ben catches a scenic kickflip to fakie over the hip

16Curren back crails the rock

17 Dylan Witkin, front invert with some 215s on

18 Cedrich Pabich, slob fastplant over a huge channel

19Then backs it up with an Indy air

20 Omar goes big on a melon fakie

21LA chapter of Santa Cruz Skateboards, Tom and Blake

22Tom, frontside grind to fakie

23The future's looking bright for Roman

24Blake, hardflip back tail  Photo: Keith Wilson

25Curren, backside floater over the hip

26Kids love this part of the demo  Photo: Keith Wilson

27Mandatory product toss. Can you spot a pro in the mix?

28Yup, Louie trying to get some goods

omar seqOmar goes showtime with a heelflip frontside air