No-Comply X Austin FC Collab

No-Comply recently teamed up with Austin FC, their city’s MLS club, collaborating on a deck and t-shirt. Both the shop and the team are synonymous with Austin and share a goal of community enhancement. The No-Comply crew was given the keys to the stadium for a day to shoot photos, film some clips and crack some cold ones. The collaboration was released on 6/21 in celebration of Go Skateboarding Day. A contest was held at House Park followed by bands, beverages, mini rampage and good times for all at the Empire Garage and Control Room in downtown Austin. If you weren’t there to kick it, check the photos and the video. 

austinfc nocomply 1Ryan Thompson, Grant Jensen and Max Jang grip on the pitch     All photos by Dylan Makar    

austinfc nocomply 2Max J works at No-Comply, so he’s not gonna botch the grip job

austinfc nocomply 3He’s no slouch on the board either. Spoiler alert: this photo is on the NC X AFC T-shirt

austinfc nocomply 4No-Comply co-owner Grant Jensen with a verde nice nose wheelie

austinfc nocomply 5Ryan Thompson—big O over the rail, ledge and everything else in his path

austinfc nocomply 6Max Taylor has no clue how to skate a box

austinfc nocomply 7Table for one, please. R-Thomp, front blunt

austinfc nocomply 8Reese Barton back Smiths for the fans

austinfc nocomply 9You think a security gate is gonna stop R-Thomp, fool?!

austinfc nocomply 10Can I kick it? Yes, you can. Jamie Sedo, one-foot tailgrab

austinfc nocomply 11Get caught mall grabbing and Zach Imondi will red card ya’

austinfc nocomply 12No mall grabs = party time

austinfc nocomply 13Jamie Sedo, textbook back lip. Can’t learn that in college

austinfc nocomply 14What’s cooler than being cool? Garrett Young’s ice-cold backside noseblunt slide on a YETI

austinfc nocomply 15Garrett’s exit strategy—hop a fence and keep it movin’

austinfc nocomply 16There it is! The No-Comply X Austin FC collab gear. Josh Row handled the design, Dylan Makar supplied the photo and The Butler Bros are responsible for the AFC logo

austinfc nocomply 17The goods are available now at No-Comply and the Austin FC stadium

austinfc nocomply 18Verde and black for the W

austinfc nocomply 19Now onto the day of celebration! GSD at HP. Joey gets things cooking with a backside flip over the Purple Wax double cup

austinfc nocomply 20Camaron Esparanza and Stevie Barile loading in the flatbar goal, custom made by Shrimp Industries in Austin

austinfc nocomply 21Rocco tests it out with a boardslide shove during the intermediate best-trick contest

austinfc nocomply 22Rob The Cashier holdin’ down the mic duty

austinfc nocomply 23The judges’ table: Ryan, Lake and Daniel

austinfc nocomply 24Mark, 3rd place intermediate

austinfc nocomply 25Chadwick, 2nd place intermediate

austinfc nocomply 26Balam, 1st place intermediate

austinfc nocomply 27We’d be hyped if we owned that T-shirt, too. Congrats, Balam!

austinfc nocomply 28Time to move to the six stair for the expert contest. Trent leans that lean back

austinfc nocomply 29Keagen gets things spinnin’ with a back 3

austinfc nocomply 30Heavy crew in queue

austinfc nocomply 31The peanut gallery approves of Ari’s heelflip

austinfc nocomply 32Adam Gonzales gets high with a tailgrab one foot over the double cup

austinfc nocomply 33Keagen squeezes a Smith between the rail and the goal

austinfc nocomply 34Trey Wade, switch flip with plenty of clearance. Yeah, Yert

austinfc nocomply 35Garrett keeps it weird with a pinched front crook

austinfc nocomply 36Hella fools packed in

austinfc nocomply 37Expert winners L to R: Carter Riley in 2nd, Trey in 1st and Keagen Crawford in 3rd. Hell yeah, homies

austinfc nocomply 38Okay, time for the main event. A $500 winner-takes-all session on the nine stair. San Marcos’ Steven Moreno hits the hubba with a backside 5-0 to get the party started

austinfc nocomply 39Caleb Ray takes it frontside

austinfc nocomply 40Hell yeah he landed it

austinfc nocomply 41Steven wasn’t done yet—perfectly-poised back tail. San Marvelous!

austinfc nocomply 42Opting for some free air, Carter Riley snapped over the whole damn thing

austinfc nocomply 43Ivan Santamaria gapped out to 5-0. Goooooooal!

austinfc nocomply 44Trey had his eyes on that $500. Gap to nosegrind

TREY GIFSo did Garrett—nollie back heel. Bolts!

austinfc nocomply 45Big love from the judge’s tent. Gonna be a close call between Trey and Garrett

TREY GIFTrey's first-try Ghetto Bird sure as hell didn't hurt his chances

austinfc nocomply 46The crowd waits to find out who clinched the win

austinfc nocomply 47Hell yeah, Trey! Congrats. Hope UMA sees this article. Huge thanks to everybody who came out and to all of the sponsors: Austin FC, Roger Skate Co., YETI, adidas, Thunder, OJs, Purple Wax, Weird Water/Tea, Bones Bearings and Shrimp Industries

austinfc nocomply 48After the contest, it was time to head to the Empire Garage and Control Room for some live music, cold drinks and more skating

austinfc nocomply 49La Murga de Austin—Austin FC’s supporter band—brought the brass and drums

austinfc nocomply 50Ever seen kids mosh to a horn section? If not, you haven’t lived yet. This is the energy we’re all searching for

austinfc nocomply 51What’s a skate party without a mini ramp? It’s total crap, that’s what it is

austinfc nocomply 52No-Comply co-founder/co-owner Simon Bingham crunches some parking-block coping

austinfc nocomply 53While Igna keeps on truckin’

austinfc nocomply 54The pit gets ready for the next band

austinfc nocomply 55Austin’s own Sailor Poon!

austinfc nocomply 56Check ‘em out on iTunes or wherever you deliver music to your face

austinfc nocomply 57Such a killer set

austinfc nocomply 58Bailey Lewis from Temple, TX, reppin’ the F outta everything

austinfc nocomply 59Do these kids ever stop moshing?!

austinfc nocomply 60Mike Bahr, Daniel Morales and their homie Alan Jackson

austinfc nocomply 61The squad was deep

austinfc nocomply 62Cosmo and Aaron, champions of style

austinfc nocomply 63Flint and Grant, two of Austin’s finest

austinfc nocomply 64Cheers! The Austin FC crew and the No-Compliers celebrate a successful collab and event. Who’s ready for the next one?

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