Pass~Port's "11 Years Inside the Portal" Party Photos

A record release along with a video premiere, comedy set, live acts, wine, pizza, beers and 500 punters all crammed into what looked like an abandoned pub on the edge of Sydney. What could go wrong? Nothing! It was just a big old sweaty hot mess.

Photos by Dougal Gorman, Thomas Robinson and Sam Stephenson

1 Pass Port 11 Years Party 01The calm before the storm, we see the custom archive cabinet with 11 years worth of Kitsch inside. Whose kid is this anyway?!

2 Pass Port 11 Years Party 09There was so much kitschhhhh

3 Pass Port 11 Years Party 10It is time to enter the Portal. We got Trent Evans and John Green on the decks to warm up and welcome the guests

4 Pass Port 11 Years Party 11Further in we see heavy hitters and Australia’s most talented creative bastards, Marcus Dixon, Sammy Thornton and Andrew Nash

5 Pass Port 11 Years Party 12All the way from Melbourne, Tegan Ryan and Adelaide Norris both sent it hard!

6 Pass Port 11 Years Party 13There were NZ and OZ legends at the table, Bernie Foo, Glenn Wignall, Lucy Gosling and Callum Paul

7 Pass Port 11 Years Party 14Looks like it's pizza, beer and wine time

8 Pass Port 11 Years Party 15Anthony Mapstone gets his slice

9 Pass Port 11 Years Party 16Bring on the live acts! The Jonz kicks things off with some piping-hot comedy for the crew

10 Pass Port 11 Years Party 02Behind-the-scenes team, contemporary artist/Portal collaborator Anna Pogossova snapped up with filmer/motivator/Pass~Port lifer Cameron Sparkes and Bible-cover-shooter Sam Coady

11 Pass Port 11 Years Party 03Solid squad, Poppy, Sheridan, Hollie and Nao made it out

12 Pass Port 11 Years Party 04Alrighty, let’s pack this place—crowd surfing is recommended!

13 Pass Port 11 Years Party 1280When Casey and Eddy hop on the decks, everyone jumps on stage. Let's get sweaty!

14 Pass Port 11 Years Party 06 Lois sporting one hell of a strong look!

15 Pass Port 11 Years Party 07It's getting hot in here! Trent, Stevie Stipanovic and Willy Brown rep WADE forever!

16 Pass Port 11 Years Party 08We can't believe it's been 11 years. How time flies…

Check out the record release here!
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